Have Fun While Working: 5 Office Gadgets That’ll Make your Employees Happier

Have Fun While Working

Having ecstatic or cheerful employees isn’t only a way to heighten office morale or uplift your employees review on Glassdoor. According to some studies, employees who are happy and satisfied at work will become more effective and productive, stay much longer at the company, and help get great team members. But, of course, it’s quite challenging and difficult to keep a team of employees happy. In fact, it’s beyond the bounds of possibility. There will always be problems within the workplace, but it is how you manage them that’ll make…

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Sadigh Gallery- How Do You Know Ancient Art and Artifacts Are Real?

Sadigh Gallery

When you visit an art gallery or a museum you come across many amazing artifacts and pieces of ancient art. They depict the past and give you an insight into a phase of history. The halls and corridors are filled with many unique pieces that are old and have an impressive appeal to them. As a spectator you are of the view that all of them are real and authentic since they have been kept in the gallery or museum. This is true as they have been tested for authenticity…

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How to Calculate Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption?

Diesel Generator

Given the unpredictable weather in India and recent years flooding disasters in Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra and many other states in India, it is apparent that power supply can be compromised anytime in the country for an indefinite period of time. So it is better to acquire a power generator in advance and remain equipped to deal with any such sort of situation.  In India, it is easy to fetch a diesel generator from the market but to select a one that consumes less amount of diesel and generates…

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How To Make This Baisakhi Festivals Celebration A Grand One?


Baisakhi is one of the main festivals in the North of India, especially in Punjab and Haryana. People celebrate this festival with pomp and gaiety. Baisakhi is celebrated in April as the beginning of the Solar New Year and also celebrating the Spring Harvest. However, there is a separate Sikh connection to this festival as well which is why this festival adds so much glory to its celebration in Punjab. It actually marks the commencement of the Khalsa community and also marks the time when the Khalsa panth warriors were…

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A beginners guide for big data engineers and data analysts

big data engineers and data analysts

Data science is a complex study which requires us to be adept in the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Moreover, people with non-technical background find it all the more difficult to understand and learn data science as it poses a lot of challenges to them. Some tips that can be useful for those choosing big data certification courses are:  You’ll need expertise in Mathematics Whatever be the kind of data, it makes sense only when quantified according to our needs and requirements. This quantification calls for an expert…

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