Car Park Wheel Stops: A Brief And Informative Guide

Car Park Wheel Stops
Car Park Wheel Stops
Car Park Wheel Stops

Wheel stops, as the very name suggests, are tools to stop the wheels.

Car park wheel stops are provided where it is considered imperative to cut short the travel of a vehicle onto the parking space. This is done to avoid cars bustling against one another or crashing against a wall. Putting a wheel stop just near the boundary will prevent the car from going any further. Listed below are a few key features of them:

  • Car par wheel stops are used in areas where people might be in danger of the vehicle being parked, or in order to ensure that a car does not come into contact with a wall, kerb, or barrier.
  • They also work in order to prevent the vehicle from crossing over a walkway, embankment, etc.
  • Not many people take notice of them but they are important in a car park and in areas which are inaccessible for the others.
  • One of the most important factors that determine the kind of car park wheel stops needs to be the type of traffic.
  • Another important fact is that whether the car park wheel stops will be placed permanently or not. In case they are permanent, you can invest in expensive car park wheel stops. However, if you plan on using the wheels very frequently it is best to get a temporary car park wheel stop installed.

Car park wheel stops are made of a number of materials. Out of these, rubber is the most popular. Rubber car park wheel stops can be installed as permanent or temporary stops.

Moreover, rubber stops are long-lasting. They do not need to be replaced often.

Functions of car park wheel stop:

  • They can prevent damage to the walking person on the road. Additionally, it can also prevent street fixtures and other similar properties from damage.
  • They can be used to protect gardens and front yards which are located in close proximity to the streets or near parking lots.
  • Similar to safety bollards, they can be used to prevent vehicles from accessing a certain area.

In addition to rubber, car park wheel stops are also made of plastic.

  • Since they are not heavy materials, it is not difficult for one person to handle a number of them.
  • Sometimes, these car park wheel stops need to be transported. If you need to transport them, it is easier doing so with wheel stops made of plastic and rubber as it is easier to ship them everywhere.

Apart from plastic and rubber wheel stops are also made of concrete. The installation of car park wheel stops minimises damage to vehicles and unfortunate accidents. It can help maintain order in crowded places. They make life simpler by avoiding any inconvenience.

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