Decluttering Essentials for Minimalist Wardrobe

Decluttering Essentials
Decluttering Essentials
Decluttering Essentials

Would you say that you have enough clothes in your closet? Even though the answer might be a firm “yes”, every now and then we catch ourselves thinking about buying a new piece of clothes. If you’re thinking about decluttering your wardrobe and choosing a more minimalistic approach, we have a treat for you. We have made a list of essential pieces every minimalist has to have in their wardrobe if they want to look stylish and not buy a ton of things.


Every woman should have at least one pair of “perfect” jeans. This means that you shouldn’t follow the trends blindly, but rather find the style that best works for you: skinny jeans, flare bottom jeans, “mom” jeans, or boyfriend jeans. In addition to this, you should also have a pair of black pants, and you can even have a tailor make you a bespoke pair. Also, if you’re a fan of leggings, stick to simple designs and avoid prints.


When it comes to shoes, the rule is simple: keep it comfy and versatile. A pair of black pumps is always a good idea, as well as nice sandals. You can choose wedge sandals and wedge espadrilles, but flat sandals also work. There should also be a pair of comfortable women’s Adidas sneakers in your wardrobe, and nice flats, too. The best thing about shoes is that you can always choose decorated footwear if you want to make a statement: glittery flats or sandals with crystals and pearls will be a great accessory when you’re attending a party or even a formal dinner.

Skirts and dresses

You don’t have to have a dozen skirts in your closet, but a nice pencil skirt is always a good idea, especially if you have an office job or often have business meetings, because it looks professional and elegant. If you’re not a fan of pencil skirts, a simple A-like skirt that reaches your knees is also great. For people who have 9-to-5 jobs, miniskirts should best be left behind, as they can make you look too casual. Of course, it’s impossible to talk about a minimalist wardrobe without mentioning her Majesty- little black dress. Always keep one in your closet because it’s elegant and perfect for pretty much any occasion.


There are several shirts you simply have to have in your collection even if you’re a sworn minimalist. The first one is a simple, white button-down shirt, but you should make sure it’s made of high-quality material and that it’s form-fitting. No reason to buy an expensive shirt if it’s too small or too big for you. Other than that, it’s good to have a nice striped, long-sleeved tee and a couple of basic T-shirts in your wardrobe. Try to avoid colorful prints and keep your color palette basic: white, black, navy, gray, and red are the most versatile colors, and you can pair them nicely with different accessories.


This is where you can actually pile pieces without feeling guilty – accessories are the best way to spice up otherwise basic outfits and they don’t have to be expensive. Light shawls are great because they are discreet and can keep you warm when it’s cold outside or when you sit in a place with air conditioning. Brooches and bracelets are also a good idea, but if you’re not a huge fan of jewelry, you can always wear embellished hairpins or hair bands instead.

Decluttering your wardrobe might not seem like a big deal until you actually try to get rid of some of your things, but then you’ll want to keep some ‘just in case’ or as memorabilia. On the other hand, when you build a minimalist wardrobe, you’ll quickly learn that several comfy and versatile pieces are a much better option than keeping your wardrobe full and still feeling like you don’t have anything to wear.

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