How To Distinguish Investment Grade Pink Diamonds Based On Shape

Pink Diamonds
Pink Diamonds
Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds have definitely made a lasting mark on the world stage. The stones have won hearts and prestige and more importantly, they have established an everlasting value, which is only set to appreciate over time. However, the evaluation of the stones needs to be minutely assessed to make sure they are above the standards set for investment-grade quality. Here is a look at how shape attributes can be evaluated to understand the quality grade of a pink diamond before you purchase it.

Natural Vs. modified shapes

In this regard, the grading for coloured diamonds is quite similar to white diamonds where the naturally shaped stones are always priced at a premium as compared to modified shaped ones. This is primarily because any fancy modifications do have to account for wastage that generates from cutting. However, if you are going to invest in modified pink diamond collections you need to know the shapes and how the value appreciates over carats for the same shaped stones.

According to the cutting and the most popular buying trends based on shapes, these are three main categories that you need to prioritise when buying a pink diamond.

Round Brilliant cut

The shape has emerged as one of the most popular cuts for pink diamond purchases over the past decade. It also helps that most celebrities who have embraced the pink diamond trends have been sporting this brilliant-cut, which not only reduces cut wastage for the stones but also magnifies the colour brilliance, which is a major deciding factor for pink diamond valuation. There is an addendum though that round cut pink diamonds within the 0.3-0.4 carat range are considered one of the most valuable investment-grade categories. Whereas in the same category round-cut pink diamond, weighing more than 0.50 carats will actually get you a lower profit when you liquidate it because the purchase price will remain higher as compared to the selling price. Further, there are very few buyers available for high-quality pink diamond stones of that weight.

Fancy cut pink diamond

The beauty of these fancy cuts are undeniable and they are often quite in demand for accessory pieces especially designer ones that are rigorously put together to create a unique statement. However, the aspect of profit-building is not quite high with these stones because you will find that the buyer’s pool is quite shallow when it comes to purchasing fancy cut diamonds for investment purposes.

Traditional Fancy cuts

These are traditional cuts, which are more popular with the classic diamond connoisseurs. These have a reduced price bracket as compared to the round brilliant cut category of pink diamond stones. They also have a deeper buyers’ pool making them the stone of choice for investment purposes especially if you are sure you would want to sell the stone in the future to turn a profit.

The shape alone will not be enough to make a call when you are buying a pink diamond for investments. However, you can rely on the thorough evaluation of professionals to categorise the stones that would be best for accessories and the ones that should be bought loose for investment and profit turnover goals.

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