Leukorrhea and Pregnancy – The relation between the two and the normal as well as abnormal condition

Leukorrhea and pregnancy
Leukorrhea and Pregnancy
Leukorrhea and Pregnancy

Leukorrhea is the other name for vaginal discharge and it is yellowish or whitish in appearance. During the tenure of pregnancy the body goes through a lot of changes and one of the prominent changes that a woman may experience is the vaginal discharge. If you are pregnant then you must realize that it is a normal condition that can be observed during pregnancy. But if you feel that the vaginal discharge is abnormal or the frequency is too high then you must inform your doctor.

What is the normal condition?

The normal condition in case of leukorrhea pregnancy is that you will deal with nominal amount of vaginal discharge and the texture can be thin and milky kind of. There can be a mild smell as well. Leukorrhea is normally seen in the cases of pregnancy and thus you should leave all the tensions behind.

The reason why leukorrhea is normal during pregnancy is because the body experiences a lot of hormonal changes and these hormonal changes lead to vaginal discharge. It is a condition that is more common in the early stages of pregnancy. So, if you are always feeling that the underwear is wet then it’s the right time that you can think about using panty liners.

What is an abnormal condition?

If the vaginal discharge is very frequent and the color is greenish or dark yellowish then you must consult a medical practitioner. In cases of redness, itchiness, burning sensation and strong smell, you should tell the doctor about the exact situation. The reason is that, vaginal infection may be causing these problems. Many women tend to catch yeast infections during pregnancy which later turn into severe vaginal infections. There can be other reasons as well behind abnormal vaginal discharge. For example there can be a case of sexually transmitted disease and that may be causing abnormal vaginal discharge.

Why you should not hesitate to consult a doctor?

Leukorrhea is something that women feel shy to talk about. But you should not ignore this condition at all. Abnormal vaginal discharge may indicate that there is something wrong with the body. If you will tell the doctor on time then proper diagnosis can be initiated. Sometimes the cause may be very minor and with the right treatment all your tensions would fade away. So, it’s never late to consult a medical practitioner.

When you feel that the vaginal discharge is not normal, then in this case talk to your doctor freely. Do not try to reach to the conclusions on your own and never opt for self medication. If you are experiencing massive discharge or bleeding and are using pads for combating the situation then it’s a matter of concern. In severe cases, women tend to go through muscular cramps and pain as well. In such scenarios the best thing that you can do is rush to a doctor.

The condition of leukorrhea pregnant is nothing to be feared of. You just have to learn the right way to tackle the situation.

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