Winter Clothes and Dressing Tips to Keep Your Toddler Warm and Comfy

While you may be inclined to keep your toddler locked in the house during winter, studies show that children benefit from going outside and getting fresh air, even during...
winter clothes for toddlers
winter clothes for toddlers

While you may be inclined to keep your toddler locked in the house during winter, studies show that children benefit from going outside and getting fresh air, even during cold weather. Contrary to one common misconception, merely going out does not cause colds and flu. Spending time outdoors does not only strengthen the immune system but also allows you and your baby to escape disease-causing germs and bacteria that are trapped inside the house.

Winter fresh air may offer benefits, but it does not mean that you can go out unprepared. Apart from ensuring that the temperature is not too extreme, it is best to limit your time outside and ensure that your toddler is wearing appropriate winter clothes. To help guide you in keeping your baby warm despite the chilly weather, consider the discussion points below: 

What Kind of Winter Baby Clothes Do You Need? 

Since babies lose heat much faster than adults, and that they cannot tell you directly if they feel cold, it is your job as a parent to keep your toddler warm despite the cold outdoors. Apart from the usual winter coats and vests, here are other winter clothing essentials that will help you towards this end:

  • Onesies

This one-piece clothing is not only adorable on babies, but they are also effective in keeping them warm, especially if they are made of cotton fabric. Onesies are securely snapped at the bottom, which means it will not ride up and expose your baby’s belly or chest when you are out.

  • Bodysuits

Bodysuits look similar to onesies in style, except that practically all parts of the baby’s body are covered in bodysuits, including legs and feet. This style is ideal for cold weather since it offers full skin coverage.

  • Leggings

While your toddler can wear pants to keep the legs warm, it can ride up the legs and expose your baby’s skin to the cold. As such, it is better to use leggings. Apart from keeping your baby warm, this clothing piece stays in place.

  • Legwarmers

It is not enough to cover your toddlers’ legs with leggings. For utmost protection from the cold, consider legwarmers. This clothing item fits snugly on the baby’s ankles and heels for toasty feet.

  • Hat

Find a comfortable, soft, and snug-fitting hat that does not only cover your baby’s head but ears and side of the face as well. Apart from keeping your baby from the cold, this type of hat will also prevent the risk of ear infections. 

How Should You Dress Your Toddler During Winter? 

Apart from preparing appropriate winter clothing, here are some dressing tips that you should consider to keep up your baby’s normal temperature when you are outside:

  • Cover as much skin as you can.

As a general rule, you should ensure that every part of your child’s body is covered by several layers of clothing, except for the face. Keep in mind that even a bit of exposed skin can make your baby cold.

  • Do not forget to keep your baby’s head and feet warm.

Your baby’s head and feet get cold quickly, which is why you should ensure that these parts are entirely covered when you go outside. Dress him/her up with a hat made of warm material like fleece and let him/her wear thick yet comfortable socks.

  • Make sure to observe layering.

Dress your toddler up in several layers of clothes to maintain his/her ideal body temperature. Use your layering technique as a guide to determine how much clothing your child needs, but add one more layer since your baby feels cold more quickly than you do. 

Allowing babies to breathe fresh air during winter can be good for their health for as long as you take the necessary precautions, particularly when it comes to winter clothes. Keep in mind that babies tend to lose heat faster, which is why you should ensure that you have your little one’s winter clothing staples ready to keep him/her warm and comfortable.

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