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We have spent a lot of time reading and discussing about the ways in which big data analytics and data science has changed businesses and how these technological developments...

We have spent a lot of time reading and discussing about the ways in which big data analytics and data science has changed businesses and how these technological developments can actually change the face of the commercial world for ever. While we hear a lot about the promise of these technologies in different industries, we often miss the one vital question: Can this movement solve some real problems beyond the scope of money?

India is growing as a nation and at the same time the whole world is getting older. We are using up the natural resources, pollution control is below par, unemployment and lack of employability are both serious issues, healthcare is struggling in many parts of the world. India has come forward in the last few years as a leader among the developing nations and as India solves her problems so will the others.

Reimagining healthcare with analytics

The CEO and co-founder of, Prashant Warier opines that healthcare facilities in for Indian masses which have always been sub-par can be improved with the help of AI. This involves dealing with huge data sets in real time. Another startup SigTuple has built an automated diagnosis system that works through AI based analysis. These efforts are significant because they show us a pattern – AI, machine learning, natural language processing are things which if applied thoughtfully can really change the face of India and put an end to many problems that distress the Indian masses incessantly.

Looking at the water crisis through the big data glasses

Bangalore based startup Tetherbox Technologies has come up with a system to survey the health of lakes and to restore them to normalcy. The lakes across India are the site of industrial dumping which leads to disastrous results for the ecosystem and the environment on a broader scale. Tetherbox plans to do real time analysis of oxygen level in the lakes and then to restore the oxygen level etc.

Another startup called SmartHome Tech is working on a remotely controlled system that will keep track of water consumption at a house and control it when required.

A large part of Central and Southern India is faced with serious scarcity of water. The ground water resources are being used up very fast. These initiatives are really a ray of hope for the Indians at the point.

Air pollution killed 1.09 million Indians in 2015 – big data can offer some help

Reports by WHO confirm that Indians can have better and 1 to 6 years longer lives if the level of particulate matter 2.5 meets the pollution standards. Almost 660 million Indians are breathing a highly polluted air with fatal particles sized a thirtieth of a human hair. The developments in big data technology has made it possible to think about solutions like monitoring factories and gathering real time information and taking immediate counter measures.

Big data analytics is a weapon that can literally kill a lot of severe problems, of course, if wielded with skill and care. This is why it is essential for the youth to take big data courses in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and other cities with the facilities. India is in need for a stable and skilled analytics workforce – it is about time we responded.

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