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Italian cuisine
best places for pizza
best places for pizza

Pizza is loved by all and it is served at both lunch and dinner. There was a time when just simple toppings along with cheese were layered over pizza but today time has been changed. The name of pizza itself is mouth-watering and it is one of the reasons that today there are many places in India where the best pizza is been served with a different variation. Pizza is considered as best for all occasion and even people prefer it when they are sad or upset. If you are planning to visit Ahmedabad or Chennai don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of the best places to get sumptuous pizza prepared by professional chef.

Where to go for pizza in Ahmedabad and Chennai?

Hamfoos is one of the best places for pizza in Ahmedabad and it is very popular for its interior and spacious setting. It has wood panelling and every pillar has some story within it. The interior of the restaurant is quite attractive and can add charm to its beauty. One who loves gourmet will find many varieties in it and there is an option for every pizza lover. They serve all type of base like thin crust, cheese burst, thin, regular, multigrain, etc. so that people can have pizza according to their liking. To add variety there is also salad, pasta and other bites offered at the restaurant. One other such restaurant which is considered as the best places for pizza in Ahmedabad is Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo Café Deli which is one of the best places for all pizza lovers. There are professional and expert chefs who use high-quality ingredients in making pizzas. There is a long list of option when it is about toppings and sauces so that one can have it according to their choice. Charcoal fired and wafer thin is mostly preferred by everyone as it is the specialty of this restaurant.

Prego is best when it is about health, quality and innovation and so if planning to go for Best pizza places in Chennai it must be proffered by all. This restaurant is famous for serving authentic Italian dishes and mainly pizza which is been prepared with a contemporary touch to give it new flavor and taste. One can even visit the restaurant’s live kitchen to see how fresh pasta and bread is being prepared. One can enjoy hand tossed pizza along with other Italian dishes like ravioli, marmalade, etc. It is best in every means and so people residing here or going for the trip must visit such Best pizza places in Chennai to taste such authentic Italian dishes. Pedreno’s Global Fusion is also one of the most preferred destinations when it is about Italian cuisine. Fresh flavors of herbs are used in such a way that everyone tempts for more of it. The ambiance is also quite pleasing and the courteous staff greets everyone which makes every guest feel special. Authentic food prepared by extremely trained chef can make anyone satisfied with their hunger. Olive oil is used to give natural flavor to the Italian dishes.

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