Health Insurance a Necessity, Not an Option

The statement that ’Health insurance is a necessity’ must be explained to each individual in a nation like India where we all believe that it is just an added...
Health Insurance
Health Insurance

The statement that ’Health insurance is a necessity’ must be explained to each individual in a nation like India where we all believe that it is just an added benefit. If you look for it and study, you will get enough evidence to support that Health insurances have radically changed the lives of many individuals. The cost of medical health care is rising continuously. The number of disease and people suffering from critical illness is also growing. Thus, without a doubt, the statement that one must have health insurance for financial stability goes true.

Diseases that were previously known to affect only a few are now affecting millions. While we cannot do much to control the spread of these conditions, the primary plan is to safeguard your health by getting health insurance. Let’s take a look at the reasons why the need for health insurance has increased in recent times

The rising cost of treatment

With progress in medical science, the treatment for major diseases is also available today. The cost of these procedures is overwhelming. Not everyone can afford it from their pockets. The expenses of diagnosis, tests, an appointment with doctors all combine to be the majority of expense which can’t be afforded by everyone. In these times health insurance means that you don’t have to worry about all the financial cost and can rest assured about your financial needs.

Hectic Lifestyle

We all are becoming busy. With busy schedules, we are paying less attention to our health. If we look at the chart of how an average person walked daily, we will see a serious downfall in recent years. Walking is known to be an essential exercise. Sitting on our desk the whole day and then sleeping on our bed without any physical activity will make the body week. It is backed by our poor eating habits and unhealthy junk food that is available today. Without medical insurance, one would be adding to all these difficulties.

Critical Illness on the Rise

In recent times a common observation regarding health standard would be the rise of critical illness. Life-threatening diseases are becoming more common. Though, the treatment for these is also available now with advancement in medical science. These treatments are highly expensive and affording them without health insurance would be hard. With the poor quality of life, more and more people are getting exposed to life-threatening diseases. For these times we all need health insurance to have financial stability in case things go wrong.

Tax Benefits

Government of India knows the attitude of Indians. To promote health insurance, they give majority tax benefits to those salaried employees who get health insurance. Thus, all the premiums that are paid for medical insurance are eligible for tax benefits.

Many of us do not think of medical insurance as something crucial. This attitude needs a change. We all should plan to get health insurance for our family. You can buy health insurance online which has made the process simpler.

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