Things to plan out during the first trimester of pregnancy

trimester of pregnancy
trimester of pregnancy
trimester of pregnancy

During first trimester of pregnancy body undergoes considerable physical and mental changes. Energy levels sap in an anticipation of the arrival of a new born baby residing in your body for 9 months. At this juncture vital organs of your baby are developing. The moment you deliver a baby you become a mother and you need to take proper care of yourself along with that of the baby. Care during first trimester of pregnancy is important as this leads to the following trimesters.

A video of developing baby week by week would provide you inputs about baby growth. But a series of activities can be undertaken by a pregnant woman during the first trimester of pregnancy. Special care needs to be exercised so as to cut down on complications. In case if you happen to be a first time mother there are some tips to help you deal with first trimester of pregnancy

Double check

Normal cycle of a woman reveals periods are due after a couple of weeks after ovulation. If you have missed your period and suspect pregnancy then avail a home pregnancy test. This would give you an idea whether pregnancy is due or not.

Prenatal vitamins

Consumption of prenatal vitamins ensures that the baby is in a healthy state. If you are planning to conceive in the first trimester of pregnancy folic acid is important. They prevent neural tube defects or issue with a spinal cord. Sufficient amount of iron along with calcium needs to be part of your diet. If it is not possible consume it in the form of multivitamins. A pregnancy growth video showcases various stages that a baby passes through.

Health insurance

Pregnancy would cost you a lot and this means from the time of prenatal check-ups to the point of delivery. Make it point health insurance coverage extends to both mother and the baby. A lot of stress could arise in the future as you can cover all the necessary expenses.

Avail services of a doctor

In the starting phase of pregnancy you need to exercise a lot of care. Choose a health care professional who has experience and whom you can trust. Update your doctor on any health issues that could have an impact on your baby. Things are expected to be conducted in a smooth manner as you need not explain things to each and every doctor. Only if you feel the need of a second opinion consults another doctor.

Prenatal appointments are a must and should not be neglected during this phase of pregnancy. Clearly note down the last period date which enables you to figure out the exact due date. Proper care during the first three months of pregnancy ensures that the remaining months pass off with relative ease.

Any drug that is prescribed over the counter is not safe to be consumed during pregnancy without consultation of a doctor. Discuss all medicines with your doctor, even if it appears to be herbal supplements.

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