The largest platform for online therapy, Better Help launches Faithful Counseling

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BetterHelp, the leading online platform for counseling had announced the launch of Faithful Counseling, a service which offered online counseling options for the Christians. Each and every counselor on the platform, who will be preaching strategies are Christian and they all seek to integrate the apt guidance based on faith along with the clinical practice. Whenever a devout Christian looks for online therapy, Faithful Counseling is undoubtedly the best option for them. In fact, this platform is perhaps the fastest growing online Christian counseling platform.

Have you ever approached a counseling platform which truly focuses on the therapy and its clinical aspects? Being a Christian, wouldn’t you prefer spiritual considerations within the therapy sessions? Well, this is a feature which was never available in the past but things have changed nowadays. Faithful Counseling allows people to get connected with an online therapist who is also a Christian. As the initial benefits are clear, you can take a quick look at to know more on them.

Can you use Faithful Counseling in your mobile and desktop?

As you complete the payment process, you will soon be led to a private chat session where you will receive a message from your licensed therapist who would be waiting to assist you. The algorithm of Faithful Counseling chooses a therapist who will work with you based on the question and answer round that you’ve gone through.

The chat room is pretty easy and simple to use and it is more like an advanced version of WhatsApp. The layout of this app is basic where the message of the therapist will be there on the top and your chat box will lie below to it. You may attach your photos or other important files for further clarity between you and the therapist. You can even change the font size to italics or bold and use emojis while conversing.

What about privacy and confidentiality?

Although there is always an element of risk involved in such technical matters but Faithful Counseling, thankfully provides state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure which can easily protect the privacy of the users. The members of this platform claim that the confidentiality and privacy standards that they have are beyond what is actually demanded by law. All the messages between you and your therapist are encrypted and secured by banking grade 256-bit encryption.

Hence, whenever you’re a staunch believer of religion and you’re looking for a Christian counselor to help you with your issues, Faithful Counseling is certainly the best alternative for you.


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