Reliable Pre-Employment Tests to Screen the Candidates Before An Interview

Every recruiter and hiring managers of employment companies wish to assess the proficiency of all applicants in a fair manner to shortlist the right candidates for a particular position....

Every recruiter and hiring managers of employment companies wish to assess the proficiency of all applicants in a fair manner to shortlist the right candidates for a particular position. If the pre-employment tests are designed in a correct professional manner, then it can prove to be the best platform for screening the candidates in skills the company wishes to have.

But the challenge in such kind of tests or ways is to have a proper implementation of the test in a valid, reliable environment.

First, let us understand the basic meaning of pre-employment test in simple words!

These tests are used to screen the varied job applicants coming from different locations. They can be made to access different capabilities of individual including testing their cognitive abilities, work skills, communication skills, knowledge, personality, language proficiency, physical skills and even integrity. Hence with such a basic step executed at no high cost, companies can actually find the candidates for open positions while screening out those who are unqualified or cheating about their skills in CV.

One of the most important tests taken by recruitment companies is Excel Assessment Test!

Every company needs a candidate who is excellent in Microsoft Excel and knows how to make spreadsheets, apply different formulas, making charts and realistic graphs, VBA Macros etc. Hence it is difficult to judge the skills of the suitable candidate by a CV or a personal interview. A company can easily hire a company which provides services of taking such high level of proficiency pre-employment exams online and thus provide a conclusion report card on the skills for appearing candidate. This way, the recruitment process gets quality and a more deserving candidate is chosen.

Why should one company use such Pre-employment ways of testing?

  • Helps in identifying the potential candidates out of all.
  • Saves time as well as cost while selection process is going
  • It helps in lowering down the turnover
  • Improving the morale quotient while selection
  • Internationally approved technique to test the basic skills of all job seekers and hence now a more of recommended recruitment procedure accepted by 70% of the firms.

To get a better idea, we shall see an example!

In Microsoft Excel Test, the format would be as follows:

There would be MCQs, MAQs (Multiple answer questions, fill in the blanks, descriptive ones, true or false etc.

Topics that would be covered would be Worksheet and Charts, Operators, Functions, Formulas, Tool Bars and Shortcut keywords. A detailed analysis of the Excel proficiency test would be later on provided to help one make better decisions and thus predict candidates and employee success.

As an employer or recruiter, you need to simply:

  1. Go to one of the most recommended websites for online pre-employment tests
  2. Select the relevant test
  3. Invite your candidates to appear the exam
  4. View in Depth results
  5. Shortlist the right set of people.

Hence it is so simple and effective. No hassles or costly affairs at any point in time. So, start using this advanced way of screening candidates and make your company growth better in right direction.

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