Ransomeware: Threats The Computer System

This occurs when the user is denied the access to his own computer files and folders. This is done by the hackers who are in the need of money...

This occurs when the user is denied the access to his own computer files and folders. This is done by the hackers who are in the need of money as in this they display a dialog box asking some filthy amount of money if the user wants to regain the access to his computer system. The user’s files and folders are sealed, Ransomware gets inside them and encrypts them. They can only be made the same again by some professional or IT expert.

Ransomware gets into so badly that even the identity of the hackers cannot be revealed. Thus it is very difficult to get rid of this. This is done by the hackers in the need of some amount of money. They consider this an easier method of making money.

Encrypting Ransomware which incorporates advanced encryption algorithms. It’s designed to block system files and demand payment to provide the victim with the key that can decrypt the blocked control

Locker Ransomware is the one which locks the victim out of the operating system, making it impossible to access the desktop and any files and folders. The files in this case are not encrypted in this case, but the hackers still ask for ransom to unlock the infected computer.

Some features of Ransomware

  • It features unbreakable encryption which means that you cannot decrypt the files, folders and the information on your own.
  • It can encrypt all kinds of data on the computer including the files, folders and the data, videos audios etc.
  • It can also delete the existing files and folders and thus create new ones in the place of it with false information.
  • At times, it gives a different extension to your file which makes it difficult for you to recognize your original data
  • It displays a particular set of instructions or some dialogue box that asks you to pay some amount of money in order to retrieve back your information
  • It requests for money in Bitcoins because this crypto currency cannot be tracked by the cyber security researches or law enforcement agencies
  • The act of paying the ransom has some specified amount of time after which the attacker may go to a higher level of harassment. Thus the user cannot detect it and has to pay it.
  • It uses certain kind of techniques that use some high-tech technology in order to not get detected
  • This is easy to spread to other computer systems by the local area network
  • Sometimes it may also distribute your general data to various places and to the cyber crime experts.
  • As families and variants multiply, you need to understand that you need atleast baseline protection to avoid data loss and other troubles.
  • Encrypting Ransomware is a complex and advanced cyber threat which uses all the tricks available because it makes cyber criminals a huge amount of money 

Thus this is a very serious malware that spreads and disrupts the normal functioning of a computer and the user needs immediate help.

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