Nagabharanam hd Telugu Movie Watch Online Free

Nagabharanam hd Telugu Movie
Nagabharanam hd Telugu Movie Watch Online Free
Nagabharanam hd Telugu Movie Watch Online Free

Download Nagabharanam hd Telugu Movie Online Free

What is the film about?

Charan (Diganth) is a rockstar. He is all set to participate in a world level music competition where the winner will be given a “kalasam” as a prize. This kalasam is powerful as its created by gods and contains their power. Whoever possesses it can take over the world. How Manasa (Ramya), protector of the kalasam saves Charan and the world from evil is what the film is all about.

Performance by Ramya?

Ramya is given the biggest role in the film. She has to carry the emotional scenes and fight with the villains. However, her lack of expressions combined with extreme over action makes the character look like a joke on screen. The problem is even considering it as a joke, the performance is unbearable after a point. The over action hits one like a ton of bricks, there is no recovering from it.

Direction by Kodi Ramakrishna?

Kodi Ramakrishna is a veteran director who has had some wonderful movies to his credit in his prime. But that prime time has long faded. He made a comeback with graphic oriented devotional movies but most of those successes had strong producers behind him overlooking many details.

Without such backing and outdated execution the end result is like Nagabharanam. This is abysmally poor on many levels. The story involving the gods and demons is interesting but that’s finished in the first five minutes itself. What happens afterward, until the end, is as predictable and as cringe worthy as they come.

Poor acting, tacky special effects, bad editing and finally a joke of screenplay make the film a horror to sit through. Even taking the worst case it is not even fun to sit through in a bad comical way also. The film has a short runtime but even that doesn’t help. One gets a feeling that the wait towards the end would be an eternity. The visual effects are poor barring few VFX shots. So, one doesn’t even have the luxury of enjoying them as well. Nagabharanam is finally a terrible film in all regards and one that should be forgotten as soon as possible by everyone involved.

Hero and other artist’s performance?

Diganth never comes across as a rockstar, not in terms of looks or even in terms of performance. His climax performance will surely find a place among the best in the worst performance category. When we have to tell about performance only one person stands out in the entire film and its none other than Saikumar. He appears briefly and plays a role that is predictable but he still manages to bring emotion albeit partially. Deceased actor Rajesh Vivek (he died earlier in the year) hams like no end. He is only matched by Mukul Dev in that regard who seems to be doing it on purpose assuming he is playing to the gallery. And finally, last but not the least, Vishnuvardhan created through graphics is poor.

Music and other departments?

Music by Gurukiran is poor. The background music is extremely loud and noisy. As said above this film is a disaster technically. None of the components, editing, cinematography etc helps in making any sense for the film. VFX is badly handled. Dialogues are unintentionally hilarious.


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