How Non-Profits Can Use Instagram to Meet Their Goals in 2018 and Beyond

Instagram started out less than eight years ago but has set a scorching pace of growth year after year that has made it among the most popular social media...
Instagram to Meet Their Goals in 2018
A photo taken in Ankara, Turkey on January 4, 2018 shows that a woman holds up a tablet displaying a picture from Belgian-born Turkish pop-singer Hadise Acikgoz's latest video clip posted on her official Instagram account as she utters a complaint on the account about the inequality of women and men in Turkey after Turkey's Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) fined Turkish music TV channels on January 3 for the coverage of the singer's video clip due to eroticism. The complaint contains a hashtag, which can be translated as 'Immorality is in your heads'. (Photo by Altan Gocher/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Instagram started out less than eight years ago but has set a scorching pace of growth year after year that has made it among the most popular social media platforms today with a monthly active user base in excess of 800 million. With such a huge population regularly using Instagram, there is absolutely no doubt that it can be used productively by non-profits to reach out to their target audiences and meet their goals. Some key tactics:

Instagram Stories

While the concept of posts that remain alive for just one day may seem whimsical to many, it has caught the eye of many businesses that have successfully used it to engage customers. The Instagram Stories feature is ideal for non-profits because it permits them to narrate the stories that both donors and volunteers are receptive to. It allows non-profits to create a collage of photos or even a video that tells how donations and the hard work put in by volunteers are making a difference in the lives of the people.

Personalized Visuals

Non-profits can reach out to their donor and well-wishers far more effectively by using visuals that are personalized. It is often very difficult for people to imagine what it is like for those who are suffering from something; abject poverty, conflicts, trafficking, drug abuse, etc. that can be really horrifying. By using personalized photos on Instagram, it is possible for non-profits to create a more impactful impression on the people who can make a difference than what is possible by using only text. Non-profits should try and make that extra effort to generate their own photo content rather than using stock photos to have a more credible impact on their Instagram followers. Photographs that go behind the scenes of non-profits as they struggle to overcome odds are far more effective in creating an impact on volunteers and donors who may be looking out to associate themselves with a worthwhile cause.


Hashtags in the world of Instagram have a vital importance as they are the only tools that can be used to search for published content. Non-profits should try and evolve a hashtag use strategy that focuses on making their organizations more discoverable by their target audiences. Creative use of hashtags related to the posts of your non-profit activity will enable acquisition of more followers and generation of organic traffic to your website. It is also a good idea to start a hashtag campaign on any issue that your non-profit is focused on. You will be able to attract new followers and also attract user-generated content on those issues that will help to highlight the problem to donors and volunteers.


Instagram is easily among the most vibrant social media networks. With its high visual orientation, non-profits can use it conveniently and with great impact to highlight social issues that otherwise, often get brushed under the carpet. Apart from raising awareness, non-profits can also use Instagram to attract the participation of donors and volunteers, as well as, a public platform to thank them for their efforts.

Author Bio: Kent Greene is a social media researcher working for a large digital advertising agency. Kent has been tracking a large sample of Instagram followers across a set of lifestyle product companies to develop insights into customer purchase behavior.

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