The Google Pixel 2, leading candidate to release the Snapdragon 836

Google Pixel 2
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A well-known insider Evan Blass published a render of the upcoming smartphone from the Pixel line of the 2017 model. Presumably, it is a smartphone with the code name Walleye. It is equipped with a 4.97-inch Full HD-display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory.

At first glance at the render, large lenses of a single rear and front camera are evident. Centered on the back is a round fingerprint reader. In general, the design of the smartphone remained the same, except for the display. An unpleasant moment was the impressive thickness of the frames from above and from below.

Above the display and below it are placed the front stereo speakers, which should provide loud and high-quality sound. Probably, this is not the best way to affect the ergonomics of Google Pixel 2. We cannot discount the version according to which we have only a prototype of a smartphone and in reality the device will look different. By the way, earlier in the network there were rumors that Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 would lose 3.5 mm audio jack.

It seems that the winter premieres in mobile are not going to stop giving us surprises. And is that if we knew that for this new horde of releases Qualcomm would make available a slightly higher version of its Snapdragon 835, now arise rumors about which terminal will premiere.

The first rumors about which phone would be the first to have this new chipset pointed to Samsung and its Galaxy Note 8, but according to some sources, it seems that the Koreans will again opt for the same 835 that runs the Samsung Galaxy S8. So, if Samsung is not in charge of the premiere of this 836, what motive would do the honors?

Impossible Google Pixel 2 Launch

The Google Pixel was launched in October to the market. We thought that the Google Pixel 2 could also be launched in October. In fact, the iPhone 8 would also be launched in October, so a possible launch of Google Pixel 2 in October would be quite logical. However, it was also possible to launch the Google Pixel 2 in August, because the definitive version of Android O should be launched in October.

And while it is true that data have not returned to a possible launch of the Google Pixel 2 in August, the fact is that the price of Google Pixel now is more economic could be precisely because the launch of Google Pixel 2 Is imminent. Pixel second generation price can be more than its first generation Pixel, so, exact price is not known for Google Pixel 2.


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