Creating a high-quality gym starts with the floors

If you are looking to either renovate an older gym or create a new one, the floors are the first place to start. A good, sturdy and beautiful floor...
quality gym
quality gym

If you are looking to either renovate an older gym or create a new one, the floors are the first place to start. A good, sturdy and beautiful floor is the foundation for creating a high-quality gym

Maybe you are looking to start a fitness gym or maybe you are renovating an old school gym — either way, the quality of the flooring is of the utmost importance.

When the floor is both sturdy, durable and presentable, it will be easy to use for different sports, e.g., basketball, handball, indoor soccer, football or even rugby.

Foundation and surface

It is not enough to have a beautiful floor. The foundation for the floor is what makes it durable and stable, year after year, decade after decade.

When choosing sports flooring solutions, choose a floor that has a high quality foundation. The best floors on the market have a 22 mm hardwood thickness that makes the foundation extremely durable and stable for jumping, running and dribbling.

But the surface also needs to be of top-notch quality.

The market leading technologies for coating hardwood sports flooring solutions is using urethane, a coating that doesn’t change when heated, i.e., from running on it. This is crucial to keeping the floor in mint condition, no matter what sport is performed on it.

Looks are important

If you are looking to create a high-quality gym, of course functionality comes first. But looks are also important. A high-quality floor should not only be shiny, but also stay completely smooth and free of dents and cracks on the surface. The urethane used for coating should ensure this, and there should be several coats of hard-wearing urethane to keep the look and feel of the floors smooth and pleasant.

Easy installation

If you plan to install the sports floors yourself, you will want to choose a solution of high-quality hard wood that is already pre-finished when delivered to you. The pre-finished solution will make the installation process easy, quick and clean, allowing you to also focus on other things when creating the perfect gym.

Long life and low maintenance

Once installed, the floors should have a long life and should cost you a minimum in time and money when it comes to maintenance. Proper coating and a sturdy foundation should ensure that the floors will keep their good looks and smooth, playable surface for decades to come. To keep the floors clean, a daily cleaning using as little water as possible is a good idea. Use a machine or a sweeper for this. An occasional re-sealing is also recommended to keep the surface intact.

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