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Human traits vary from person to person and are very distinct. A personality assessment test is useful in providing information of an individual and determines their qualities. This information...
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Human traits vary from person to person and are very distinct. A personality assessment test is useful in providing information of an individual and determines their qualities. This information about them shows their social attitudes, strengths and weaknesses exhibited on an everyday basis. It is one of the reasons why an assessment or a personality test is being considered for a job or career.

A large number of people rely on the online tests that are based on personality Inventory to make decisions over new hiring. Whereas these tests are helpful in self-evaluation and one must make sure that the counsellor clarifies the result with the individual who takes up the test.

Here are few types of Personality assessment tests used for career development.

16PF Questionnaire: the sixteen personality factor is a multi-level of personality based on a questionnaire designed by Raymond Cattell. This factor-analysis theory is a popular choice to among companies for staff selection. The goal of this test is to discover the basic elements of the human personality.

The model measures the personality with 16 variables and uses them to assess an individual’s traits. This inventory based on primary personality factor and assessment tools carefully analyses the traits purely for professional purposes. On the other hand, individuals use this test to evaluate their skills acting as a motivational factor.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Among the many tests developed by experts, the MBTI is popular with the personal counsellors. The introspective self-report questionnaire was designed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. This test is highly influenced by the conceptual theory of Carl Jung. Different Human traits perceive the world around them differently to make decisions that are based on four principal functions. Accordingly, out of the four functions such as the sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking, one of the functions appears dominant most of the time.

This has similarity with the Big Five personality traits questionnaire and often used in the business sector.

NEO Personality Inventory:  Another personality inventory framework that has been developed recently is the Neo personality assessment test. This test also looks into the 5 dimensions of human traits. In the personality assessment industry, it has similarities with the five-factor model. However, it is used to confirm or clarify the results obtained from other assessments.

Occasionally there are a few online tests that claim to be genuine. It’s advisable not to make decisions based on these claims unless the inventories are designed by experts. Tests designed by qualified professionals including psychologists and counsellors are recommended. In fact, career counsellors administer tests from these experts who usually are known for their in-depth knowledge and credible analysis. Such personality tests choose what best suits a person based on data analysis.

Overall the personality assessment tests are the sum of qualities or habitual patterns expressed by physical and mental activities of an individual. The objective is to create a favourable impression with these qualities. This is what gives a personal identity and the selection is based on these tests. This how personality inventory can influence decisions based on results obtained.

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