All That You Wanted to Ask about Cobalt Men’s Wedding Bands

Men’s Wedding Bands
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Since even among alternative wedding band materials cobalt is not so common, it is quite likely that you will be curious to know more about. Some frequently asked questions, the answers to which will help to make up your mind:

What is Cobalt?

Cobalt is not something that is found by itself in the natural world; usually, you will find it bonded to either nickel or copper when it is mined. However, once it is refined and isolated, it assumes the deep blue color for which it is famous. Even though jewelry made out of cobalt was relatively rare historically, its signature color has always been used by jewelers to create an exquisite look in wedding jewelry.

Is Cobalt Jewelry Made Only Out Of Cobalt?

Even though it is popularly called cobalt jewelry, the pieces are crafted out of a mix of cobalt and chrome. This mix is extremely strong and scratch-resistant. Despite being so tough, it is very malleable when being worked on by jewelers and as a result, you will find a vast array of intricate designs and styles of cobalt jewelry. See a beautiful cobalt wedding band collection at

Why Is Cobalt Chrome Suited For Jewelry?

Harder than precious metals widely used for jewelry making like gold, silver, and platinum, it is more resistant to scratches and dings that wedding bands are typically subject to in the normal course. What makes cobalt so loved by jewelers is that it is extremely malleable while being tough. This means that the jewelers are able to work it into very intricate designs while at the same time wearers don’t need to bother about having to take off their wedding bands before indulging in a contact sport or an outdoor activity.

How Do Cobalt Wedding Bands or Rings Look?

Although cobalt has been prized throughout history for its beautiful blue color that has been used in jewelry, ceramic ware, and glassware, when alloyed with chrome, it loses its blue hue and looks very similar to platinum or white gold. However, it does not need any rhodium plating to make it look whiter as is the norm for white gold wedding rings.

Is Cobalt Ring Safe To Wear?

Cobalt chrome for very long has been used in the medical sector for joint and dental implants because of its biocompatibility and hypoallergenic properties. You can remain absolutely confident that wearing cobalt chrome rings will not cause any allergic reaction or skin irritation even when worn continuously. The confusion arises because a combination of cobalt and tungsten that is used in tungsten carbide rings is known for causing allergic skin reactions. If cobalt rings are needed to be removed from the finger in an emergency, it can be done so very easily by cutting it.


The properties of cobalt chrome rings are such that it becomes an ideal choice for a wedding band. With its exquisite appearance that is very similar to titanium but with far superior scratch resistance and toughness, cobalt chrome is ideally suited for finger rings.

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