How to use PPC to amplify your business

PPC to amplify your business

We think that the name of a brand doesn’t have that much of importance because people are only interested in your products and services. Believe it or not brand matters. The name of the brand can influence a customer in ways that you would have not even imagined. So, when you have a business, you must advertise it. Brand advertising is crucial in making your business a success. And one of the best ways of brand advertising is through pay per click (PPC). PPC is a concealed way to put…

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Prolonged Benefits of GST in India

GST in India

GST is one of the biggest taxation change recently introduced in India, which is expected to increase the Indian economy. GST has subsumed all the indirect taxes that were previously levied on consumers such as VAT and service tax. Almost everyone irrespective of the business they are running will be affected with this regime. If you too are running a business that deals with the supply of goods and services, you must know its prolonged benefits that might benefit your business in the long run. Let’s take a look on…

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Cleaning Tips for Your Prized Possessions, Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings

There is no denial to the fact that oil paintings are one of the most beautiful mediums in which a painting can be created. The beauty of textures and vibrancy of oil colours gives an entirely different look to the artwork. It is such a unique piece of art that it holds the capacity to instantly glam up any space where it is kept. However, due to their sensitivity cleaning them is a treacherous task. They end up collecting dust and stains over a prolonged period of time and cleaning…

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