Surviving the Pandemic: Senior Community Activity Ideas

Pandemic is tough. It has always been tough, especially, for the older-adults. The current condition is only managing to increase their anxiety, stress, and depression levels. If you are...
Senior Community Activity
Senior Community Activity

Pandemic is tough. It has always been tough, especially, for the older-adults.

The current condition is only managing to increase their anxiety, stress, and depression levels.

If you are an elderly person reading this blog, we have to tell you that we understand what you must be going through right now. Your neighbors must not be visiting, your grandchildren cannot play with you, and you must have lost your healthy life routine to the pandemic and its restrictions.

While all of this is important to keep you away from the virus that can become a death threat, we still believe that resilience can be supported with some activities.

There is a bunch of stuff that young people are doing to stay active during the pandemic. Young people are facing depression and stress as well. They too have lost their routine, they are even in the tougher part of the pandemic as they have to continue with their life in this new normal routine.

But, they have begun not only adjusting to this new life but are also finding an alternative to keep their mental health stable in times of crisis.

Similarly, you can also support your mental health by performing some physical and mental activities, while practicing social distancing and isolation.

We have listed down some engaging activities that you can perform while keeping proper hygiene and safety protocols in consideration:  

Virtual Field Trips

With the museums and other places around the world have been closed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, it has become impossible to travel for fun. However, instead of cursing the pandemic for blocking your tourism, you can explore hundreds of sites online.

Google Arts & Culture allows you to virtually tour Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, Seoul National Museum of Modern, and other museums and galleries.

There are so many stuff to explore online that will help curb the inner travel lust in you and also keep you engaged in the isolation times.

Watch Something Interesting

Do you know the young people are doing the most to curb the pandemic-induced tress? They are watching their favorite TV shows and movies.

People all around the world are consuming entertainment more than ever. They are watching their facilities TV programs and movies online and even have jumped back on to enjoy the content on Cable TV.

Similarly, you can also find happiness in the basics.

You can start by watching some feel-good shows on cable TV in your home or the care home you are residing in.

Here are a few shows that we would recommend you to watch:

  • Schitt’s Creek
  • The Golden Girls
  • The British Baking Store
  • Grace and Frankie

But to enjoy these good shows, you need to make sure that you have a cable TV service that is reliable and can also support your need for entertainment during the pandemic.

To help you, we even have a recommendation for this as well.

Spectrum Cable TV service provides an entertainment medium to customers all around the United States. The Spectrum cable TV provides Spectrum Sports Package that allows sports fans to enjoy the best of sports all day long.

The package includes channels such as Tennis Channel, NFL Network, Golf Channel, and many more.

Therefore, if you are a sports fan too then, you are sorted for the rest of the pandemic.

Set Up a Seating Area Outside

If you are lucky enough to live in a place that has comfortable weather, time or is currently having one, then it is time to enjoy it.

You can arrange a seating area outside to enjoy the fresh air and pleasant weather.

However, if you are not allowed to step outside your home, then you should, create good entertainment beside your window with a good cup of coffee and enjoy ht weather from indoors.

Video Call With Loved Ones

The common way that people around the world are practicing to stay connected with their loved ones in the pandemic is by video calling them.

Do not let the pandemic get a toll on you, instead, fight from the loneliness.

You should be the first one to call your loved ones in a time of crisis. Let them know how you are feeling and also inquire about their health.

This way you can spend some good time chatting with your favorite people.

Make the Best of the Pandemic

Grieving thoughts will stop you from enjoying this time, but you should not let them haunt your mind. Instead, try the ideas we listed in the blog above to make the best of this time.

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