Best Places In Croatia To Visit

Places In Croatia To Visit
Places In Croatia To Visit
Places In Croatia To Visit

Croatia is an amazing country to research and easily one magnificent European stone. When it’s your first, fiftieth or millionth time to see, I guarantee there will be a whole pile of the greatest areas in Croatia you have yet to encounter.

It is a nation that has got a little bit of everything, from lovely islands, historical cities plus a whole pile of amazing coastlines. Long story short, you are bound to find a minumum of one reason why you would like to go to Croatia.

But if you are leasing a car or only perching up near the sea, I am hoping I will share some of the greatest areas in Croatia which go outside Dubrovnik.

Have a look below at a few of my favorite spots. I am almost certain you will get an epic moment researching the best areas in Croatia.

Now, let us begin with the hottest place in Croatia, Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is famous for being a stunning walled city which dates from medieval times and, a lot more recently, also features prominently in Game of Thrones.

When you’re here, be certain that you explore the city walls, stroll through Stradun and see Fort Lovrijenac.

Oh, and to get a fantastic sunset, pop to Buzz Bar and watch the town change beneath the orange colors. Dubrovnik can be easily up there as among the greatest areas in Croatia to see and a town that is worth spending a couple of days drifting around.


Located on the island of Dugi Otok, this bay is also a protected nature park which includes towering cliffs, a lagoon and key small coves.

Crossing an astonishing 10 kilometres, (give or take), it is the type of place that is best explored by boat, particularly because of its magical inlets, and small beaches. Additionally, the greatest city near by is Zadar, which makes it an easy spot to place using a city split in Croatia.

To get a taste of conventional Croatia, you will want to head right for Lastovo Island. It is among the greatest areas in Croatia to see which immediately transports you back in time. It almost feels as though you have arrived 300 years back… and it is stunning.

Additionally, the island is covered in lush forests and a rocky coastline, so in the event that you enjoy hiking then that is certainly the place to come. That having been said, be certain that you spend some time at Lastovo Old Town, also — it is actually a gorgeous location.

Perched not too much from Dubrovnik, Mljet is composed of protected regions of national park and has the quaint Benedictine monastery of St.Mary, also.

As soon as you’re here, be certain that you explore the gorgeous shore, have a dip in the waters and revel in the beautiful chilled-out vibes of Mljet.

Being the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is frequently called a’well-kept secret’. Tucked away in the beaches, Zagreb is among the greatest areas in Croatia to research if you are much less interested in the Adriatic side of the nation.

As soon as you’re here, be certain that you research the cobbled streets, see the Upper Town and research Tkalciceva. It is a gorgeous place to spend a weekend.

This tiny island hideaway is ideal if you’d like a shift from the popular destinations to see in Croatia. It is definitely up there as among the greatest areas in Croatia to go to this is not as popular as locations like Dubrovnik.

As soon as you’re here, be certain that you go to Suha Punta Beach, visit Pudarica Beach and investigate Rab Town itself. It truly is stunning.

Easily reached by ferry from Dubrovnik, Lopud island is covered in crumbling churches and monasteries and so is ideal if you are to a more rustic feel while on your holidays — even if only for a day excursion. It is easily among the greatest places to go to in Croatia for those who have not got time to research much farther than Dubrovnik.

After here, there isare scenic harbour area here as well as a beautiful shore in SuSunhat isareerfect as a tiny city escape. Additionally, it’s some extraordinary sunsets.

A former naval base Vis is a island which was illegal to tourists. Now it has opened , it keeps a sleepy charm along with a sense of unchartered land, so be certain that you see if you would like to’get off the grid’ for just a little while.

Vis is the type of island you see if you wawant totay from nearly all the audiences. Additionally, it is rather simple to get to whilst you are researching a number of the other big islands.

Korcula’s most important claim to fame is it is the birthplace of Marco Polo and also for being one of the greatest underwater cities in all Croatia.

Located in the Peljesac Channel, Korcula is one of the greatest areas in Croatia to see if you love just a little history. As soon as you’re here, be certain that you explore the historical buildings (built in the Venetian style), which a gorgeous.

Hvar Town is frequently likened to France’s shining St. Tropez owing to its fame as a premier vacation destination (case in point, the amount of yachts you will discover here in the summertime ). Additionally, it has also got a plethora of elaborate buildings, striking squares, and opulent cathedrals simply waiting to be explored when you see.

If you are not into partying, then you may wawant tokip this round Yacht week. If however, you’re into partying somewhat decadently — Yacht week will be the specific time you need to be thinking about being here. The town transforms.

This gorgeous town is yet another favorite for Game of Thrones lovers and history buffs alike.

As soon as you’re here, Diocletian’s Palace (known to fans as the house of Daenerys Targaryen), is the best place to begin before you venture off to the old city and stroll down a few of the most scenic towns in all Europe.

Makarska is the place to see in Croatia in case you’re searching for a beach vacation. This interface city includes a whole plethora of awesome restaurants, a gorgeous interface and a few epic nightlife (there is a cave club ).

It is pretty compact and quite walkable, then there is the gorgeous centre of the city, also. It actually is among the greatest areas in Croatia to research. Even in the event that you spend only a day or two here, this is part of Croatia that you absolutely have to see.

This island is easily achieved from Split and undoubtedly worth joining with a visit to Split. If you are here however, eliminate your vehicle, get a bike (heads up — there’ll be some perennial biking ) and get dropped on the staircase.

The island can also be very great to get an insight in to Croatian lifetime as it is much more relaxed than, state in Split and contains some fairly amazing country paths worth checking out.


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