7 Best free WordPress themes which are available in the market

Best free Wordpress themes
Best free Wordpress themes
Best free Wordpress themes

Creating websites has become really easy now- thanks to the WordPress. There are many themes which you can download to make as your website template. There are both free WordPress themes and paid themes available which will make your website look good and visually appealing. Though the premium themes will have more features as they will charge you money, but still going with free WordPress themes can be a great option too. Nowadays, the themes are available free for WordPress and are equally good as premium ones.

So, here are some of the best free WordPress themes which you can download to make your websites visually appealing and stunning:


Looking for a nice WordPress them which cost nothing, then Gommero is one of the best in all the free themes available. The theme goes along with the travel bloggers or vloggers, business tour managing and especially for day-to-day bloggers. The full-width slider on the start page looks stunning and gives an outstanding look to the website. The layout is totally responsive-it means wherever you use the website- your theme will provide a nice look in every device. The theme got a big chunk of feature with itself. The main one being that you can turn it into an e-commerce site too using WooCommerce plugin. Very much suitable for coupons, cashback site and give lot of freedom to select function as per choice.


This simple and easy to use theme ranks high among all the themes which are freely available. There are many reasons why WoodBerry is one of the best WordPress themes. The theme is responsive, looks simple and is easy to play with. The website gets Parallax Effect in the background which makes the website more appealing. The theme can be used in start-up blogs or e-commerce blogs. The theme comes along with WooCommerce plugin and more features and still, the website runs fast and light.


This is one of the nicest themes for blogs, magazines, and news. Unlike Newspaper, it doesn’t cost you a single penny. Most of the people out there tend to use the cracked version of Newspaper and Newsmag which is not safe to use. So, if you are the one searching for free magazine app other than those cracked versions, this can be one of the options for you. The theme comes in different color styles and which males the website visually pleasing.


The ButterBelly WordPress theme is another one of the best free WordPress themes available out there. Just because of its simpler look and clean UI, this one gets the spot in this list. You can use this theme in the professional website especially the business-oriented ones. The theme is fully responsive and ready for translation. Moreover, it is compatible with WooCommerce and can be integrated with Google Fonts. Also, you get loads of customization options from where you can play with the logos and how to align stuff in the website to make it look great.


As the name suggests, this WordPress theme can be used in the website related or having a deep niche in photography. The theme is basically a full page template with a full-width dynamic slider. So, the user just sits down and enjoy while picture swipe and talks the beautiful stories out. The theme is fully responsive, is integrated with social networking icons, and has in-built SEO which will uplift the website rankings. So, if you are looking for a theme for free WordPress themes in photography niche, this theme is visually appealing and has nice color options.


This is a multipurpose WordPress theme which is one of the best free themes too. The theme comes with a multi-vendor plugin and a number of businessmen can submit their products to your website and you can earn commission forever sale you made. So, if you are the one who wants to uplift your business online, ZugoTopia is a nice choice. The theme gets various customization options- from WooCommerce to Google Forms integration. The theme looks nice and very dynamic as you scroll up or down. Always recommend users to ensure to have antivirus in to their system with can support in protecting complete data, just buy with available Snapdeal Promo Codes.

Foogo Pro

Foogo Pro is a nice and clean WordPress theme which is completely responsive and simple looking. The theme supports business vendors in terms of offerings. You can plenty of features which will meet your business needs. The theme gets different color options, a simple UI and nice attractive design. There is a WooCommerce integration along with PayPal integration for online payments which comes with this theme. The theme is fast and smooth and is translation ready and gets Google Fonts integration along with SEO and tracking code option.


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