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In today’s modern world of technology and fast moving commodities, it’s become a small task to Buy Sikh Turban Online or obtains such readymade turban online without even leaving...
Sikh Turban Online

In today’s modern world of technology and fast moving commodities, it’s become a small task to Buy Sikh Turban Online or obtains such readymade turban online without even leaving the comfort of their own home. However, before we get ahead of ourselves about this marvelous phenomenon of getting readymade Turban online, one should stop and wonder about the origins of the Sikh Turban and its Significance.

  • In Sikhism, one of the five K’s is called Kesh or Kes. This relates to the idea that a Sikh shall never cut their hair, but allows it to grow as a sign of respect to the perfect and impeccable creation of god. For Sikhs, a Turban is not just a piece of cloth, but a crown for the individual. Its protection of their god given natural beauty, their hair. People try to do so many things in order to gain the attention of others and get noticed. However, the distinct appearance of Sikhs in their proud attires with a bright Turban makes them stand out in a crowd without them even trying to.
  • As in the history of the Sikh Turban goes, it was given as a present during the day of Baisakhi in 1699 by Guru Govind Singh to the downtrodden followers of the Sikh Faith. This was directly because in that time, only Mughals or Hindu Rajputs could wear the Turbans, Brandish swords, grow their mustache and beards. This turban became the symbol of defiance to aristocracy and now it’s their mark of unique identity.

Sikhs in our society wear different colored Turbans which each have different connotations in reality, or at least they used to. Orange usually meant martyrdom and sacrifice, white meant peace and tranquility, blue meant power and solidarity, etc. Nowadays Sikhs proudly wear their turbans which are available in many shops including exclusive shops. These shops may even be online and allow interested buyers to buy Sikh Turban Online.

There are many people in the world who are ignorant as to how a Turban works for Sikhs, how it’s worn or how and when to take it off. To them, they should know; it’s not a hat. Turbans are not a hat or even close to one. They are, on an average, six yards long and one yard wide and come in a variety of colors and materials. Now with increased flexibility of weavers and in the online age, when a Sikh wants to buy Sikh turban online, they can choose which fabric they want used, what design it should have, if any, what length, thickness, any custom design or more. These fancy ordering methods are only possible due to the possibility of being able to buy readymade turban online.

Then there are the different preset names of the cloths one can buy online while they are trying to buy Sikh Turban online. Dumalla or Voile cloth is bought for those wanting to tie a full sized, large well rounded turban. Thinner fabric of ‘Makmal’ cloth maybe bought for those who want to tie a small bun on their head instead of a full blown turban. Parna is a generally smaller than usual cloth with usual checkered designs used to tie small turbans too.

Other than all that, Sikhs who are looking to buy Sikh Turban Online can choose from Olive or Dark green for army personnels. They can also buy Khaaki colored Turbans for police personnel. One such online shop that allows Sikhs to buy readymade turban online is called ‘’. They are the ones who introduced Phulkari Design which are made by hand by women in Punjab. They have a wide range of products in attractive designs that anyone interested to buy Sikh Turban Online can also check out and shop.

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