Purchasing a House or Apartment as Your Home In Israel? Hire A Real Estate Attorney To Avoid Troubles

Buying A Home In Israel? Hire A Lawyer To Help David Page Law can help you when you plan to move to Israel because there is quite a lot...

Buying A Home In Israel? Hire A Lawyer To Help

David Page Law can help you when you plan to move to Israel because there is quite a lot of paperwork involved in a home purchase, tax issues if you are not a citizen and real estate laws that must be followed. You need an Israel real estate lawyer who will help you save time, get the sale to close faster, and even help you find the right place to live. Look at what is possible once you have the right lawyer on your side.

They Can Research Properties For You

Allow David Page Law to look into properties that you would like to purchase. The staff in the office is very aware of properties on the market, people who are selling, and the condition of each property. The lawyer can get contact information for the seller, and they can begin negotiations on the sale. The property could be anywhere in Israel, and the lawyer might even survey it for the client before the client arrives in the country.

The Lawyer Negotiates

You should have your Israel real estate lawyer negotiate on your behalf. A lawyer knows how to get the best deal, and they will come up with a contract that is fair for both parties. You must allow your lawyer to speak to the seller so that you do not damage your position in any way. Your lawyer knows that you have the advantage because you have the money and the desire to buy. Ultimately, the seller will take a deal that your lawyer has offered.


Your lawyer will close the sale on your behalf, and they can create the closing arrangement, host the closing, and create all the documents that are needed. Your lawyer will disperse all funds from the sale, and they will give you a package of paperwork that you can keep for your records. You only need to arrive at the closing ready to sign.

You Can Flip Houses

You can flip houses with help from a lawyer because the lawyer can help you find clients who are ready to buy. You can handle all the tax ramifications of selling a house in a country where you are not a permanent resident, and you can ask them if there are any legal problems with selling your property. You must have all the relevant information before you sell, and you need to know that your lawyer will look deep into the case to find any potential issues.

They Can Be Kept On Retainer

You can keep the David Page team on retainer if you flip houses, need consistent legal services, or have questions. You can get the service that you need very fast, and you could ask them to write up a new contract if you have found a new place you want to buy. Someone who has many legal needs should put the David Page team on retainer so that they always have someone to call regardless of the situation.

Consult David Page Today! 

The David Page legal team is helpful when buying, selling, and closing on homes in Israel. The people who come to Israel to buy a home need help with taxes and legal issues that surround buying as a non-native. The team of lawyers can write up a contract for the house, and they can help flip or sell houses when the time is right. It all depends on what the customer thinks is best because they decide which house they truly want. Their lawyer does the rest including setting up the closing meeting, researching properties, and dealing with tax issues.

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