Why Real Estate Investors should hire Real Estate Accountant?

A lot of real estate investors prefer to take help of the real estate accountant as an accountant plays a significant role. The accountant can help in finding and...
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A lot of real estate investors prefer to take help of the real estate accountant as an accountant plays a significant role. The accountant can help in finding and leveraging as many tax benefits as possible and also help the investor to follow the legitimacies of the constantly changing tax code. In addition to this, the accountant can help to keep track of the ongoing business transaction.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar is a well-known financial executive and accountant and has lots of experience in real estate sector. She says that smart real estate investors always prefer to take help of the real estate accountant, so that they can focus more on what matters the most. The real estate accountants also manage rent invoicing, bill payment, routine accounting tasks and real estate bookkeeping and assist the investor to shorten the whole process in a way that saves time and money.

Listed below are some of the reasons that indicate why a real estate accountant is needed:

  • The accountant can help real estate investors to structure their investments and operations in a tax effectual way. Usually, accounting professionals can take part in planning, budget, tax reporting and investment activities and help real estate investors to make intelligent decisions. Commonly, the accountants help in preparing financial records and reports for all real estate transactions, which may include property sales, rentals, leases etc.
  • By hiring a real estate accountant professional, the real estate investor can have year-round access to the bookkeeping changes that may create or break their investments. The accountants usually take their time to study the investment sector in the best interests of their employers. Thus, they work with real estate investors to confirm that there is creative financing.
  • As the real estate investor makes decisions with the assistance of a competent accountant, the investments tend to remain protected from sudden market shocks.
  • The accountant can help in finding the other professionals like attorneys, insurance agents, real estate agents with whom the investor will need to work with. As the accountant is familiar with business structures, various levels of legal protection, and financial outlooks of hiring other experts, the investor can be rest assured of getting the most competent professionals.
  • The accountant can help real estate investor to use influence sensibly and at very low risks in order to grow their assets.

This is why, Ms. Jogia-Sattar says that real estate investors should choose accountants whom they can rely on and who are determined enough to help them save money and increase their returns on investment.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar has been associated with this field for more than a year now. With immense expertise in corporate and financial management, she has worked with Countrywide Capital Markets and then with Lionsgate as Vice President and Controller. At present she is working as an independent financial services consultant in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. As far as her educational qualification is concerned, she has completed undergraduate course from Bryn Mawr College and Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Chemistry from Eastern Michigan University.

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