Here is a list of rules that you should follow when buying a property

Buying a Property
buying a property
buying a property

Investing in the real estate is a long term investment and involves a lot of money. So you should take proper care to ensure that you take a wise investment decision. It is very important that you read important books that will help you to get an idea about the type of properties you should invest in.

When you are making any investment, it is very important that you keep the following things in mind. If you follow certain rules, you will certainly be able to take a decision that will benefit you in future. In order to know more about these rules, you can go through the list given below:

  • Demand against the supply

This is one of the most important things that an expert investor needs to find out before taking any decisions. There are micro markets in every city and all of these micro markets have a stock as well. From this stock, you will be able to get an idea about the number of offices that have already been completed and are ready for sale. You can also buy pre leased property Delhi after thoroughly checking the papers.

You will also be able to get an idea about the number of offices that are leased in a particular area. There is also an annual demand that is published and this helps you to get a proper idea about the demand that the properties of a particular area have.

  • Make sure that you check both the approvals as well as the licenses of the builders

Once you have already taken a decision regarding a property, make sure that you check all the documents before giving the token amount. These important documents include the tie deed, the release certificate and the approvals of the local body. If you want you can certainly buy pre rented office in Delhi, and you can be rest assured that the return on your investments will certainly be good.

  • Quality of the tenant

The quality of the tenant is another important thing that you need to check before an investment in any property. It has been observed that a number of times tenants are the ones who actually increase the value of the property. If there are bluechip tenants in a particular area, then investing in such an area is always considered to be wise because these tenants always make payments in time.

  • Location

The last and the most important rule of investment is checking out the location. If you invest in the property of a good location, your returns on investment will certainly be high. You will be able to get good tenants and you will also be able to earn good money, when you plan to dispose off the property at a later stage.

The rules that are mentioned above are considered to be the golden rules of investment. If you follow these important rules, you will certainly be able to gain good money from your investment.

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