Owning A Property In Dubai: What Makes It So Easy?

The city of Dubai is today one of the most reliable emerging economies worldwide. Founded exclusively on large capital and with the aim of being an alternative to commercial...
Property In Dubai

The city of Dubai is today one of the most reliable emerging economies worldwide. Founded exclusively on large capital and with the aim of being an alternative to commercial and financial poles in Europe and the United States, in recent years it has been a favourite destination for luxury tourism, which is also heavily invested by foreign subjects. Its development is constantly evolving and touches several fields of interest. There are many aspects that contribute to classifying Dubai as one of the major international business centres. First of all, its strategic position serves as the main export centre of the Middle East; second, the city is governed by various tax breaks, established in a very liberal perspective. The sum of these two factors has enabled the emergence of a highly diversified domestic market, which has become a reference point for the emergence of important realities such as:

  • Banks
  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Computer Science and Communication
  • Industry and production
  • Finance

Superior infrastructure

Thanks to the first-class infrastructure and to the open and hospitable mentality of the local population. Obviously, exponential growth is the main cause of a corresponding development in the construction industry, which, year after year, continues to surprise for efficiency and profits. For this reason, several sector studies and strategies are geared towards investing in real estate investment that can create important annuities.

Constant growth

There are several factors that contribute to defining real estate for sale in Dubai reliable and convenient. First of all, as mentioned earlier, the city is constantly growing: today there are about 3,800,000 inhabitants but estimates foresee an increase in the population over the next seven years to up to 8,000,000 citizens. So you can safely hope for a lease of potential rental and purchase requests.

New commercial construction

This forecast also necessarily implies the construction of new commercial real estate, both to meet the needs of the growing internal economic system and to accommodate international companies. Not only that, the new hotels are also built to accommodate in the best way and with all kinds of amenities and conveniences, the huge mass of women and men who land each day in town for business reasons. 

Free Zones

The main reason that allowed the convergence of important foreign investment in Dubai is surely the presence of numerous free zones within the city itself. In fact, in these areas, called Free Zones, city administration also allows foreign entities to start companies or invest without necessarily having to use a local partner or partner. This choice has considerably accelerated both the development of industrial and financial activities or services. Real estate sale in Dubai is no exception: land and buildings can be purchased by non-EU owners, who, in the same way as resident citizens, can benefit from all the tax breaks provided by law. For this reason, investing in foreign real estate has become a highly profitable business, which guarantees, in most cases, constant and often increasing.

Constant profits

One of the benefits of Dubai Real Estate Investment is to get constant annuities that can be monetized everyone has. It means that the profits deriving from the property are not passive, that is, only tied to the property. Thanks to the dynamism of the Dubai market and to the large flow of money that crosses its marketplace, creating an ever-growing relationship between supply and demand. Of course there are different types of ways and solutions to approach these real estate businesses and the possibilities are always changing and evolving. Not everyone knows that, on the Arab Emirates have entered into a number of bilateral treaties with the Double Imposing Treaties, precisely to prevent taxpayers from taxing in two different countries.

The city’s benefits

Deciding to select investment properties as a retirement strategy is a solution that today is possible in Dubai. The test is the very high number of people who have had important results from this type of investment. Bilateral Treaties are an incredible incentive for foreign investors in countries such as:

  • SA
  • France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Japan
  • Finland

Political and economic stability

Another important factor is political and economic stability. In fact, government has always encouraged economic and pro-business policies, protecting intellectual property, and alongside a banking system that guarantees credit extension and a large flow of liquidity. All of this is supported by the highest quality infrastructure that has allowed the development of transport and energy telecommunications sectors. The result of these policies is the excellent living conditions, thanks also to a very low crime rate, tolerance to cultural diversity, the presence of numerous services and, of course, a mild climate and the beauty of the landscape itself, made of palm trees and clean beaches.

It is difficult to identify other types of investment that will guarantee such high and secure annual profit percentages. The city of Dubai and the UAE government, thanks to their liberal policies, have created a wealthy system that grows annually, relying on the advantageous opportunities for foreign investors, who constantly put liquidity into the market. Richer wealth is born. The second interesting advantage for those who choose to invest in real estate in Dubai is related to lifestyle. In fact, it does not imply the use of work or the constant control of developments: once the investment is made, the system generates profits is completely autonomous. This means you do not spend time and stress, so just cash out your sales without affecting your work and your life, rather by improving it by increasing your income to get worried or give yourself satisfactions that you could not have for economic reasons first. Considering these factors, one can say that Real Estate is one of the areas that will have a greater expansion in the years to come.


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