Out Of The Box Designer Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Child

Box Designer Birthday Cake Ideas
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First birthdays are a significant affair. From decorations and food to the venue selection, a lot of things go into planning the event. But one of the most vital challenges is deciding on a cake. If you search in the market, you will be overwhelmed with a huge variety of cake options there. Should you go for customized cake, themed cake, designer cake or just a simple cake of your baby’s favorite flavor? The ideas can be actually overwhelming.

That’s exactly why this article has come up with a list of the best birthday cake ideas. It’s time to choose the one you like the most.

  1. Drums Shaped Birthday Cake:

Box Designer Birthday Cake Ideas

Little boys love drums like anything. It’s simple one tier cake that comes with the zig-zag fondant around it. This particular design has made this cake hugely popular among the kids. To make the cake look more enticing, you can top it up with two mega-sized lollipops or fondant sticks and you have the perfect first birthday cake ready for your little man.

  1. Blue Ombre Cake:

These cakes are the cakes or ruffles that come with the darker color at the bottom and it starts to get white as it moves to the top, thus resulting in an outstanding appearance. It’s quite obvious that you know the favorite color and shades of your child so designing the cake with such color combination could be a great idea.

  1. Mustache Cake:

Mustache Cake

This particular cake is ideally designed for boys. It comes with a bow in the center and mustache on the top. Some of the mustache cake may have horizontal zig-zag on the first tier and vertical stripes on the top.

  1. Mickey Mouse Cake:

Mickey Mouse Cake

Almost every kid loves Mickey Mouse cake. The good old Mickey Mouse could be a safe bet for his first birthday. It’s a three-tiered cake that comes with the red colored first tier, white on the second tier and finally the last tier comes with the black fondant and mouse ear over that.

  1. Spiderman Cake:

Spiderman Cake

This cake is really simple and easy to make. All you need to have a multi-tier cake with a Spiderman shape on the top. When it comes to choosing a perfect Spiderman shape cake, it is always better to buy a three-tiered cake that comes with the red base and the spider web. The second layer is a black building made of fondant. A Spiderman topper, spinning the web is what makes a perfect masterpiece.

  1. Angry Birds Cake:

Angry Birds Cake

Angry bird theme cakes have been always in a huge demand for kid’s birthday party. This enticing cake is a single tier cake with the chocolate base and green fondant on the top along with the birds, slingshot, and pigs.

Now, you might have got some amazing designer birthday cakes ideas for kids with different types of themes and designs. It’s time to choose the one that perfectly suits the liking of your child.

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