6 Tech Hacks You Should Be Using Right Now

Technology is intended to make life easier. But it doesn’t always work that way, does it? Still, we eat up technology like candy. But sometimes technology needs a little...
Tech Hacks
Tech Hacks

Technology is intended to make life easier. But it doesn’t always work that way, does it? Still, we eat up technology like candy.

But sometimes technology needs a little help from us. And we discovered some inventive tech hacks that, when used, will help us keep life simpler, and enhance our appetite for technology.

Here are six (6) tech hacks you should be using:

1.    Simplify Your Entertainment Sources

Lots of people are cutting their cable these days, and why not? It’s expensive for one, and a lot of people who have cable aren’t home often enough to enjoy it. If you’re thinking about cutting your cable, consider the fire stick tv, a streaming device that can be plugged into your TV or PC through a USB port.

The beauty of the flash drive unit is that you can watch TV at home, but you can also transfer it to your laptop, and watch TV on the go.

Tablet and phone owners are not left out here. TV apps like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix, which carry fees if installed directly to your device, can be installed on the Amazon Fire TV stick and the Fire TV stick. This way you can get the same programs for free!

2.    Need A Security Cam?

You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive system, or even a cheaper one. If you have an old smartphone, don’t throw it away. Turn it into a security camera.

The only thing you need to do is install an app called Manything on your old phone, and the phone you’ll be using to monitor the activity. You leave the old phone at your house, and then you can watch the recorded activity from anywhere on your new or other phone.

3.    Charge Your Phone or Device Faster

With one simple adjustment, you can hack your charging. Put your device in Airplane Mode. This will block any wireless signals, enabling you to let it sit and charge.

Of course, another way to get it to charge faster is to leave it alone while it’s charging.

4.    Don’t Get Busted For DWT – Driving While Texting

Texting while driving continues to be one of the most dangerous problems on the road right now.

Enter the apps Lifesaver and OneTap. These apps detect motion in a car and automatically prevents the user from either texting or answering the phone – until the car stops completely.

If you’re a text addict, think about this seriously. It’s not worth the risk.

5.    Do Regular Maintenance On Your PC

Forget about buying a cleaning utility – the tools are all on your computer! Find the maintenance folder on your pc. There’s a utility called “Disk Defragmentation.”

This program refiles all your files in better order, so the computer can read them faster.

So find a time, maybe while you’re out, to run the defragmenting program. It will take a while, but once it’s done, your computer should be running much better.

6.    Utilizing the Power Strip

If you have your pc plugged directly into the wall socket, even if it’s off, you’re using electricity. Plug your computer into a power strip. But be sure to shut down all the way, and then turn off the power strip.

This way, there will be no draw of electricity, saving you money on your bill.


Everyone and their brother has some sort of tech hack for the masses. But we found the six outlined here to be the most practical. We hope you can use them.

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