What to do in case of power outage

power outage
power outage
power outage

Power outage is not such a rare occurrence in this day and age, especially considering the rising need for power due to the appliance-filled households. Not to mention that one of the main causes of a power outage is the weather, which is rather unpredictable. That said, it’s important to know the best practices during the power outage so that you can prevent any damage to your appliances and remain safe and sound.

It may just be a tripped circuit breaker

In case of a power outage, you should remain calm and go to the electrical panel to see whether the outage may be caused by a tripped circuit breaker. If you flip it back on and the power returns, the mystery is solved. But, if nothing happens when you flip the switch back on, or all the switches seem to be in order yet you still don’t have power in your home, check your neighborhood to see whether everyone is experiencing the same problem. After all, if you’re the only one with no power, you should immediately call your electric company.

Opt for flashlights rather than candles

Candles are fine as long as you keep just a couple of them to elevate the atmosphere. However, using candles as your primary light source in case of a power outage is a really bad idea. Never light the candles all over your home. You can’t keep an eye on them all and you may easily forget to blow them out once the power is back on. Not to mention just how dangerous candles can be if you have a pet. That said, make sure that you always have a couple of flashlights with batteries ready in your drawers in case something like this happens.

Try not to open your fridge and freezer

In the case of a power outage, perishable food in the fridge will be good for around 4 more hours, while the frozen goods can last even a day or two. In that respect, refrain from opening the fridge and freezer doors as much as possible. If you’re worried about the perishables in your fridge after a while, you may want to move the food to your freezer so that the items can remain fresh for longer.

Don’t attempt any repairs on your own

If you notice that the likely cause of the power outage in your home has to do with the weather and/or lightning, or your own wiring and electricity, it’s of utmost importance that you don’t try to be handy and leave the job to professionals instead. Even at night and during the weekends, you can call for a 24-hour emergency electrician in your area to deal with the issue at hand. What’s more, if the power line is down, you should call electric company and police to secure the area quickly.

Turn off and unplug all the working appliances

When you get hit by the power outage, it’s essential that you turn off and unplug all of the appliances and other tech that have been on before the outage. This is due to the fact that sudden power return can actually damage those appliances that have been turned on/plugged in all of the time. In order to see when the power is back, leave just one light on, but do your best to disconnect everything in order to prevent costly or irreparable damages.

Inform yourself about the weather

If the power outage is caused by the weather, call the local authorities to inquire about the situation. After all, no power means that the water filtration and sanitation won’t work either. Of course, proper preparation is in order as a part of your regular home maintenance, as well. For instance, make sure that your home is sufficiently cool during the summer and warm enough during the winter.

As mentioned, it’s paramount that you remain calm and level-headed in this situation. Whatever the cause of the power outage, it can and will be resolved. The best stress-relieving technique in this situation would be to get together with your neighbors, or call someone on the phone so that you don’t let yourself panic, worry and stress over something you cannot affect too much.

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