Everything You Need to Know to Create the Perfect Family Room

Perfect Family Room
Perfect Family Room
Perfect Family Room

Do you want to spend more quality time with your adoring family? One way to do so is to give your family room a little remodel that make your family flock to it and spend more time enjoying the space. But, where to start with such a complicated remodel? Read these family room design tips and you’ll know exactly what to do with your space!

Provide uninterrupted flow

One of the main characteristics of a good family room is functionality. So, what you need to do is be strategic about your furniture placement so that your paths are open for circulation. If you constantly trip over ottomans or smack your hop into your sofa when walking around your living room, you really must rethink your layout to improve flow. For instance, if you choose to centralize your couch, make sure to not to have the back of the couch block the doors.

Choose the right furniture

Your goal is to maximize comfort, not only for you but for everyone who comes to visit. So, you need to boost your seating and choose the right furniture that will maximize coziness and functionality. For instance, a great way to start furnishing your space is to invest in a deep sofa with a sectional or a chaise (big enough for two adults). When our friends come over for a game night or movies, treat them to comfy seating in a shape of nesting stools. These can easily serve as side tables when not in use and can be transformed into seating in a blink of an eye! Cushion your sofa with big pillows that can also be employed as seating for emergency situations.

Provide entertainment

Even though most of the time spent in the living room goes on socializing, you don’t have to do that all the time. While you want to have good Wi-Fi in the living room, TV is even more important. For instance, Australians still spend more time watching TV than surfing the internet when they are at home! Watching a wonderful movie with your family is a great way to spend some time together and have fun! So, make sure to grab a good screen for your family room and you’ll always know how to spend lazy Sunday evenings. For the best viewing experience, make sure to hire someone who handles TV installation in Adelaide to mount your TV to the wall. This will increase the safety of your family and your screen, boost your comfort and free up some space on your shelves.

Keep your mementos at bay

You want your family room to feel very personal, so it’s a great idea to display some family photos. But, keep the frame number reasonable and try to keep them grouped in one area (shelf, wall or the mantle). Family mementos can easily take over every surface and turn your home into a museum.

Don’t neglect the floors

While it can be very tempting to grab the softest and the fluffiest sheepskin rug for your living room, leave this option for a room that doesn’t get so much traffic. These are very hard to keep clean and fluffy, especially with kids around. Low pile rugs, on the other hand, are more forgiving yet perfect in anchoring the room and providing it with softness and warmth. Carpets made of NuSilk are even hypoallergenic, low-maintenance and weather-resistant!

Add some greenery

Blur the lines between your outdoor and indoor space with some greenery. Potted plants make any space more welcoming, pleasant and lively! But, that’s not all. Plants can also help keep your indoor air cleaner and fresher which is very important if you have young and sensitive children at home.

Provide balance

You want to create a room that’s not too cluttered yet not too sterile. When trying to find the right balance between style and comfort, you must concentrate on mixing contrasting colors and design styles. For instance, if you have a very heavy and dark sofa, pair it with a light coffee table with thin legs. Or, you can break the monotony of your space by investing in fun bookends for your shelf or interesting throw pillows. It’s all about balance!

Now that you know what to aim for, it’s time to come up with your original design and remodel your family room to fit your needs to the T!

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