What Are the Different Types of Carport Kits for Sale?

Carports are a form of sheds and contribute to the making of many sheds and their use. You can set up a carport or awning with the help of...

Carports are a form of sheds and contribute to the making of many sheds and their use. You can set up a carport or awning with the help of a carport kit. If you have vehicles in your home it will act as shelter for them. These types of kits can be found in varied sizes and designs, and consist of most building materials that are to be directly shipped to your place or designated site. Even someone having little or no experience can assemble them.  Carport kits are constructed out of varied materials, with the commonest ones being aluminium, wood and steel. While wood is very heavy, aluminium is very light and more durable and alum wood has the best properties of both. Find out about the different types of carport kits for sale available today.

1. Skillion Carport Kits

It has the most basic design; functions well and when designed in a proper way can also appear very nice. Its roof has only one unidirectional slope or pitch. It is generally 5 degrees or 3 degrees, based on the kind of profile of the roof sheet that is used. Skillion or Flat roof carports can be infused into houses with flat roofs or even serve as a visual counterpoint to a house that is more traditional in style. If needed, a flat carport may comprise of downlights and it may even be lined.

  1. Gable Carport Kits

This kit has a pitched roof on both sides. It is generally supplied with end Gable infills to achieve that complete appearance. However, if required, these can be taken off to get improved height clearance. The usual pitch roof happens to be 15 degrees although you may also get:

  • 10 degrees
  • 26 degrees
  • 20 degrees

These carports can match most home roof pitches. Hip ends can be used to let you integrate your carport further into the overall look of your home.

3. Hip Roof Carport Kits

Such kits consist of a pitched roof with 4 sides, and are just like most homes that are constructed today. These can add more value to your house. The regular roof pitches are of 20 degrees. When timber screening is integrated into your carport kits, your vehicle can be protected even more. A side of your house can also get some privacy from people around.

4. Dutch Gable Carport Kits

This is just like a Hip Roof Carport, although there is a difference to the rear and front section of the roof. The roof, around half way the pitch, runs vertically. This ultimately makes a Dutch Gable infill to the two ends. It also offers a longer ridgeline along the apex or top of the carport. The standard roof pitch again, similar to the hip roof carport, is 20 degrees with the possibility of others upon application. A standard double carport, from the angle of the carport size that you need, is 5.4 – 6.0 m wide.

5. Portable Carport Kits

Portable carports can be found in picnic areas and music festival grounds. Such types of structures are extremely useful when you want to safeguard your vehicles from strong climate, and also serve as storage areas. These can also be useful for protecting animals. You can find various shapes and sizes for this end, and can attain even more stability when you put heavy items close to the stand.


Carport kits are best to provide shelter to vehicles and whether there is heavy rainfall and or snowfall it will keep your vehicles from weather issues because it has sides and a roof. It will also provide protection against intruders and it will give you some extra outdoor space.

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