5 Crucial Features to Look for in an Air Fryer

People are not only using smart devices and televisions but also replacing the traditional cooking devices with smart kitchen appliances. Air fryer is one such modern appliance that has...

People are not only using smart devices and televisions but also replacing the traditional cooking devices with smart kitchen appliances. Air fryer is one such modern appliance that has been finding its way into most of the Indian kitchens, thanks to the fact that they offer a healthier choice for relishing fried foods. With a lot of air fryers available in the market, KENT Air Fryer has turned out to be more daunting for prospective buyers. Here’s a guide that briefs you about the important features to look for in an air fryer before buying.


What is the quantity of food you are likely to be frying in each batch? If you want to fry for a family of 4, any size of an air fryer would suffice as most air fryers can cook four portions at one go. However, if you host frequent parties and are looking forward to buying an air fryer for special occasions, then it should have a capacity of 1.4 kg. The higher the cooking capacity, the larger is the portion of food that can be fried at one go.

Grill/Fry/Bake/Roast/Steam: All in One

Invest in an air fryer that can perform all the functions like roasting, steaming, grilling, frying and roasting. An air fryer can typically perform the function of an oven too. The multi-usage feature of the air-fryer makes it a safe investment. When all the functions of cooking food are incorporated into one appliance, it facilitates a better cooking experience.

Smart Controls

What is better than having pre-set buttons for dishes like fried chicken, baked corn and French Fries? Smart air fryers that have easy-to-use touch panel and facilitate ease of operations are preferred in most households. The control panel makes it more user-friendly and everyone from veteran kitchen experts to novices can make food with ease.


When buying an air fryer, making thorough comparisons based on the differentiations offered by them is important. For instance, it should have built-in smart programs or digital display, which is very important for precision cooking. Air fryers that come with timers are also very convenient for the users.

Easy Maintenance

The cleaning process can be an exhaustive task if you must wash it every time after cooking. Some of the best air fryers feature a removable pan that can be cleaned easily with lukewarm water. This enhances its usage.

All air fryers use hot air technology to cook food. By circulating hot air, it enables uniform heating and imparts great texture to the food. Air fryers are a lot healthier than traditional fryers as the oil used is up to 80% less. Air fryers are a great way of incorporating healthy eating habits in children. It not only saves a lot of time but is also convenient and very easy to use. Cooking food with an air fryer is also relatively less messy. The decision of buying an air fryer must weigh on the reliability, functionality and brand value of the product.

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