The Significance And Change In Trend Of Diwali Gifts

On Diwali, there is a lot more to do apart from bursting crackers to celebrate this auspicious day. Apart from shopping you must remember your loved and close ones...

On Diwali, there is a lot more to do apart from bursting crackers to celebrate this auspicious day. Apart from shopping you must remember your loved and close ones and gift them to wish ‘Happy Diwali.’ There are lots of items you can choose from but exchanging sweets seems to hold the prominent place due to its significance as well as that of the occasion itself. None out of ten people will consider Diwali to be a celebration of good winning over evil but it is also marked as the wedding anniversary of gods, and no wedding is ever complete without sweets.

The significance of gifting and lighting

In India, Diwali is the most celebrated festival. It is the celebration of light over dark, happiness over sadness and good over evil. The festival usually occurs on a new moon day in the month of Karthika in the Hindu calendar. As there is no moon, houses and surroundings are lighted up to ward off evil. It is also believed that Lord Rama returned from his exile of fourteen years on this very day. People welcomed him by lighting lamps in the entire kingdom to mark his victory over Ravan. Apart from the mythological significance of Diwali festival, today there are several others reasons to celebrate this festival.

Ways to mark the day

The reason for celebrating Diwali may be for buying new clothes to some or buying new lamps to others, decorating the house for some but for all people it is the festival for exchanging gifts with closed ones. It is also marked by wearing new clothes, visiting the temple nearby, taking the blessings of God as well as the elders, eating festive food, lighting candles, burning crackers all over the place and most importantly by exchanging gifts. There are a lot of gift items you can choose from the local shops in your area or Send Diwali gifts online to India.

Change in gifting trend

In the earlier days, Diwali gifts were usually handmade. Gifts also comprised of the crops that the farmers grew and harvested in this month. But today, you can see a notable change in the gifting trend and the items have changed significantly over time. Apart from that, due to the development in technology and modernization, you can send gifts to any person from anywhere. You can choose lighting lamps which is a signature gift on Diwali, gift coins to wish prosperity and luck to the receiver as it is also a festival of Goddess Lakshmi.

Sweet is the most important

Treating each other with sweets is the most common scene. There are a few obvious reasons to exchange sweets. It is the end of the harvest season and farmers and households assess the rewards. All thank for the plentiful bounty of the past year and such happiness is shared with others with the exchange of sweets. Diwali also marks the start of a new farming or business year which is also a reason to exchange sweets to wish others a prosperous, happy and sweet new year.

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