Some things should be taken care of before installing CCTV-Camera

installing CCTV-Camera
installing CCTV-Camera
installing CCTV-Camera

There are many things should be taken care of before installing CCTV-camera such as What is CCTV camera and how it works, types of Cable for CCTV Camera its functions are many more. Let us discus about some important facts to keep in mind:

Selection of cameras

Choosing cameras is the first link! The selection of your cameras only makes the difference in the quality of the CCTV footage! Keep in mind that the camera is being installed for the purpose! If you want footage of both times of day and night, then you have to take night vision cameras! The camera that you want to take in the camera will look at the height of the camera! If the height is slightly higher than normal then you should take the Vary Focal Camera! If you want to put the cameras indoor then you can take dome cameras! But if you want to have an outdoor CCTV camera then you should take the bullet camera (Outdoor Camera) only!

The Outdoor Camera Out works well in the distance and the weather does not have the same effect! In this, you should take care of the height if the camera is at a very high altitude! So your subject will not be able to capture well! Here you can also choose BULLET camera! If you want to see the camera anyone or you can hide the camera! And you want the camera to roam! And if you keep taking footage on the flowing side then you should take the PTZ camera!

Selection of DVR OR NVR

Choosing DVR and NVR is as equally important as cameras! If you are putting an analog or digital camera then you have to take DVR! If you’re putting an IP camera then you have to choose never! DVR is also very broad range if you have a good camera for good quality! So you have to take the DVR also it is compatible! It comes in DVR channel if you have to install three cameras then you have to take 4 channels DVR! If you want to install 5 cameras then you have to install 8 channels DVR! DVR’s channel 4 multiple contains like => 4 channel, 8 channels, 16 channels, and 32 channels! Channel means that you can install the maximum number of cameras in that DVR! You can select DVR according to the number of your cameras!

Selection of Storage (HHD): – How long you want to keep the CCTV footage store depends on your storage! You can select it according to your need!

CCTV cable: –CCTV cable also affects the quality of the CCTV footage! Use the cable of good quality to install CCTV camera!

Power supply for the camera: -You should also keep in mind the power supply as much as the voltage and amperes are available for a camera! By applying more or less, you can read its bad effect on your camera! Even your camera can be upset!

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