MagnaFlow vs. Borla Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems
Exhaust Systems
Exhaust Systems

A new exhaust system can do a lot for your car. It can increase the power, improve efficiency and give it a more satisfying sound. If you are at all interested in upgrading your car with aftermarket performance parts, the exhaust system is the place to start. The question, therefore, becomes: which exhaust system is the right choice for your car?

Why Choose Borla? 

With 25 years of exhaust system engineering experience, Borla is certainly a good choice. They craft their products from T-304 stainless steel and apply cutting edge design techniques to create some incredible exhaust systems. From custom builder exhaust parts to complete systems, all Borla products are custom-made to fit your vehicle exactly.

Borla exhaust systems have a signature growl that makes vehicles sound great without creating unpleasant in-cabin noise. Of course, many people upgrading their exhaust systems want eye-catching tips. Borla doesn’t disappoint in this area.

Why Choose MagnaFlow? 

Drivers who are looking for a tough and throaty sound need look no further than MagnaFlow. These exhaust systems deliver a wonderful exhaust note without any harshness or awkward sounds. It is a smooth but powerful tone.

Better yet, MagnaFlow systems are designed to improve airflow out of the engine. So, in many cases, they can unlock up to 10 percent more horsepower and even improve efficiency. MagnaFlow knows that drivers who are modifying their exhausts with full systems or custom builder exhaust parts are looking for performance as much as style, so they deliver on both.

MagnaFlow systems are made from 409 Stainless Steel that resists corrosion and is durable for long-term use. Their temperature management is excellent, and they eliminate unwanted harsh noises and vibrations for a bold but smooth sound. The exhaust systems are also backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Verdict

Certainly, Borla and MagnaFlow both have a lot to offer. However, if you are looking for the best exhaust systems, you will need to make a choice. While much of the decision is subjective, each brand also has its own standout qualities.

Borla offers a signature sound that many drivers like. Their products are also very high quality and custom designed to fit your vehicle.

MagnaFlow offers both a great sound and a significant power boost. Their products are robustly designed and backed by a lifetime warranty. You can’t go wrong with a MagnaFlow exhaust.

In some ways, the choice will come down to which system you like the look and sound of. You can also look at reviews for specific exhaust systems for your vehicle and what other drivers have said. Luckily, choosing between two great brands is far from a bad problem to have.

Get Started Modifying

No matter which exhaust system you choose, it is time to start wrenching. Upgrading your vehicle can be one of the most rewarding parts of the ownership experience. Fitting a new exhaust system is not only a relatively easy modification, but it also delivers both power and style in a big way. Take the first step and find the right exhaust systems and parts for your favorite vehicle.

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