5 Employee Award Titles with Types and Examples

It is very important to keep your office workplace morale high, teams valued and motivated, and creativity and innovation flowing to emphasize your employee recognition. To come up with...
Employee Award
Employee Award

It is very important to keep your office workplace morale high, teams valued and motivated, and creativity and innovation flowing to emphasize your employee recognition. To come up with the new and effective employee recognition award examples and ideas that might appear challenging, just brainstorming will make you feel a bit excited and overwhelmed.

Offering a rewarding salary package might attract talented and skilled employees to your company. Having brilliant employees on your side will make you think that everything is going on the right track. However, it is true that everyone is putting all their effort and hard work, are disciplined, punctual, and motivated. Let us check out the top employee award titles that you would not like to miss out on:

  1. An Employee of the Month Award

It is one of the most common, but highly appreciated award titles that every employee dream to have. An employee of a month or year award recognizes a person who was much better than the others in their workplace during the given month. It is a normal type of award that every employer offers to their employees. It is worth to note that if you are giving your employee this award that must count toward the larger “employee of a month” award that then can be promoted to “employee of a year” recognition, but with the larger rewards at every step of away. It is one best form of keeping your employee who is top achievers highly engaged.

Organizing monthly awards provides an immediate enhancement to the output just by encouraging others. Furthermore, it gives employers an opportunity to recognizing great talents and foster their skills further.

Examples of Employee of the Month Award:

  • Above and Beyond
  • An employee of the Year
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Best Team Player
  • An employee of the Quarter

  1. Teamwork Awards

It is very important to retain loyal employees and will prove highly valuable to your company and business. One best way of giving your employees who really worked hard with you and something that you want to look ahead will be handing out the employee awards based on milestones of the work tenure.

  • Power of Team
  • Top Team Performer
  • Associate Appreciation
  • Paramount Team Achievement
  • Together We Lead Award

  1. Best Attendance Award

Punctuality is a highly appreciated and important skill that everybody does not have but will be nurtured with a lot of motivation. The efficiency of the organization depends upon the punctuality that passes on to its employees. You must consider awarding the best attendance award title to the employees who are punctual and handle their daily activities at right time.

  • 100% Presence
  • Superb Work Showing
  • Amazing Dedication
  • Quality Enforcer
  • Complete Attendance
  • Prime Participation
  • Great Attendance
  • All Day and Everyday

  1. Customer Service Awards

It is very important for every organization to have good customer service. You must select the creative award titles to remind your team that you have noticed their effort and hard work and their capability of keeping their customer relations easy and smooth and is highly appreciated.

  • Customer Whisperer
  • Platinum Service
  • Customer Comforter
  • Client’s Hero
  • Diamond Service
  • Fire Fighter of the Month
  • Consider it Done
  • Circle of Happiness
  • Top Class Service

  1. Leadership Award

For the recently promoted supervisor or coordinator who keeps things running every time, or to new hire with amazing potential, the Leadership award will be the right choice. Also, leadership is those rare and special gifts that must not at all be overlooked. It is what keeps every workplace growing and thriving; thus do not forget to consider such an important metric!

  • Great Leadership
  • Leadership Achievement
  • Role Model
  • Business Leaders
  • Excellent Dedication
  • Lifetime Achievement


Final words

From dropping one simple and quick note on somebody’s desk or sending out a trophy or award in their mail or having the company-wide recognition and appreciation event, what really matters to the people is what and how you say. Each employee is special and unique in their own ways and recognition looks very different from all of them. Stay mindful; thoughtful; generous; and try to celebrate them completely with these employee recognition award examples!

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