3 Ways to Revamp Your Restaurant and Snag New Customers

The food service industry is a difficult one to be in. If you consider all the emerging trends and competition involved in this industry, one can see why the...
Revamp Your Restaurant
Revamp Your Restaurant

The food service industry is a difficult one to be in. If you consider all the emerging trends and competition involved in this industry, one can see why the business is tough on most restaurant owners. Most people consider eating out to be a luxury, which also adds to the fickle nature of owning a restaurant, as eating out budgets may be the first thing that people do away with in a harsh economy like the one we’re in right now. That being said, it’s far from impossible to run a successful commercial kitchen! If you’re looking to carve out a niche for yourself in the foodservice industry, here are some steps you can take to revamp your restaurant and attract some new clientele.

  1. Update your menu.

Every restaurant needs to have a menu overhaul from time to time to cater to the changing tastes of its patrons. Your menu is crucial—it speaks to your patrons about your food as well as your aesthetic. A new, attractive menu can also act as an incentive to make your clients spend more money at your restaurant. When revamping your menu, keep in mind that you may need new restaurant appliances such as new cooking equipment, commercial refrigeration, warming equipment, freezers and receiving and storage equipment in order to realize your new culinary vision. Make sure you find a reliable supplier for these. The last thing you want is for your oven to fail when you need to bake fresh rolls, or for your freezers to suddenly thaw and leave you in the lurch. Once you have a budget and supplier for these, you can move on to the next step, creating a new image.

  1. Redesign your logo.

Making the commitment to refresh your company logo, especially if you’ve had it for so long, can seem daunting, but the pay off can be beneficial in a number of ways. That being said, before embarking on the redesign, ask yourself the following questions. Why do you need a new logo? Has your business grown? Do you have a new target audience? The answers to these will help define the goal of your new logo and make it more on point.

Additionally, some elements of your logo redesign will require that you make significant changes to your branding and marketing materials. You will need to print custom promotional products like new menus, business card designs, branded stationery, canvas prints, new high-quality designs for your social media pages and a website. To help you do this, enlist the services of a printing company that specializes in corporate branding and redesigns, like Mines Press.

Mines Press is a niche business to business (B2B) printing company that specializes in personalized company stationery and business promotional products. Understanding that custom business cards create a great first impression and build business, credibility, they will help you snag potential clients by improving your restaurant’s marketing design. Their affordable business cards, office stationery printing and design services include both traditional and modern standard business card sizes. Their selection of long-lasting cardstock, premium matte finish, or gloss finish, magnetic business cards, wall art, stickers, to mention a few. For business inquiries, email them via the email address provided on their website and they will get back to you.

Additionally, you will also need new uniforms to make your employees appear more professional. Sticking to a particular color scheme can be a great place to start.

  1. Update your restaurant equipment.

Once you have updated your menu, you should know what equipment will be necessary to craft the menu you’ve created. It can be difficult to find appropriate commercial restaurant equipment, especially if you run a busy commercial kitchen. Understanding this, GoFoodservice has made it easy for you to upgrade to better quality kitchen appliances. Visit their website and browse their expansive categories of restaurant equipment to suit any budget. If you find yourself at odds on where to start, speak to one of their agents today and they will be sure to help you out. They also offer financing options in the event that you can’t buy all your kitchen appliances at one go. Whether it’s ice machines, a convection oven or a deep fryer, you’ll find an array of high-quality products at very affordable prices.

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