What Kind of Professionals Does Beacon Resources Provide for Your Company?

Beacon Resources
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Beacon Resources is a wide-ranging multi-service firm, founded by experts with proven proficiency in the finance industry, for the purpose of placing qualified and dedicated candidates with at least 10 years’ practical experience into direct hire, interim, and interim-to-hire positions within the financial offices of a variety of industries. By matching the best candidate to the right position, they facilitate placement for the benefit of all parties. They successfully place job seekers in more than 15 of the positions most commonly found within financial offices of any business, regardless of the industry.

Chief Financial Officer 

The CFO is the highest executive in the finance office and therefore one of the most difficult positions to fill. Beacon will work with you to help locate a chief financial officer who will cooperate with your COO and CEO in devising tactics and strategies to establish cost effectiveness, outline programmatic budgets, and locate new prospects for capital procurement, with the goal of cultivating new business.

Accounting Manager 

An accounting manager should be a team player who can work with other finance managers in service of achieving the overarching aims of the department. The best accounting recruiters will help you to locate a responsible accounting manager who will report monthly financial data in a judiciously well-timed manner and guarantee seamlessly efficient closes on a yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis.

Other Positions 

What follows is a list of some of the other finance or accounting positions the best financial recruiters can help you fill. This list is only a sample.

  • Senior Accountant
  • Director of Finance
  • Payroll Manager
  • Financial Analyst

When you work with Beacon Resources, you’re working with the best finance recruiters around. They are committed to providing the best customer service in order to match the right candidate to the position as quickly as possible. When you are ready to fill your open finance position, contact a recruiter by phone or via the Beacon website.

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