What Is Express Entry Canada And How It Works?

Express Entry is a process adopted by the Canadian Government to filter and issue immigration visa only to skilled workers.  The process filters out the non-skilled workers from the...
Express Entry Canada
Express Entry Canada

Express Entry is a process adopted by the Canadian Government to filter and issue immigration visa only to skilled workers.  The process filters out the non-skilled workers from the skilled ones.

The selection system involves Canadian Employers, Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada. There is a proper criterion for the selection process and if you meet that criteria, you are the potential candidate for Canadian immigration.

 Candidates meeting this criterion can apply for any of the Express Entry programs.  Express entry Canada consultants guide candidates how to score well and achieve the highest rank in the programs.

 Here are the minimum requirements for candidates to qualify as the skilled workers.

  1. You should have some skilled work experience

Before submitting your application for becoming a permanent resident of Canada, you should have worked in a company as a full time or a part-time employee for at least one year in the last ten years. Your skill type should be listed in type 0, A or B according to the 2016 version of National Occupation Classification (NOC).

  1. Meet the Canadian Benchmark (CLB) threshold 7

You language should meet the Canadian Benchmark (CLB) threshold 7. Your test will be conducted by IRCC- designated language testing organization. The Express entry Canada consultants can tell you more about this language test.

  1. Candidate Also Has To Provide An Educational Credential Assessment Report

  It is compulsory for the candidates to provide either a foreign educational credential or a Canadian Education Credential. The candidate also has to provide an Educational Credential Assessment report. The assessment will be done by a designated agency to prove your degree or a diploma is equivalent to the Canadian education credentials. Remember points will be awarded in Canadian standard whether the candidate has studied in Canada or in some foreign university or college.

  1. The Rank Candidate Achieves In The Express Entry Pool

And candidates who will meet all the above requirements, their applications will be assessed on the selection factors mentioned in the federal skilled point grid.  However, meeting these requirements does not guarantee that you will be issued the permanent residence. You will have to meet certain other requirements. You will receive an invitation to apply for permanent Canadian residence on the basis of your score and the rank you will achieve in the Express Entry pool. There is a comprehensive ranking system.

Express Entry Canada Consultants

  Express Entry Canada is the swiftest and the most inexpensive way for the educated youth to get permanent resident visa of the country. Canada is a dream destination for most of the students living in Asia.

If you have got some skill, you can apply for the program. You can hire the services of some best immigration consultants Canada to make good on your case.  Here are some of the benefits of hiring the services of Express Entry Canada Consultants.

  1. Express Entry Canada Consultants keep candidate aware of the changing policies and trends. The Federal Government in Canada can introduce new changes at any time. Some changes may make the process a bit more difficult, some can work in your favour. Your consultant will provide you with a right info at the right time to keep you abreast with the latest developments.
  1. The best Canadian immigration consultants are experienced people who have gained tremendous expertise over the years. They have a very long list of customers whom they have helped in the past. Owing to the nature of their job, they are supposed to know the best policies and practices for each kind of visa. They provide candidates with quick and easy solutions to increase the chances of selection.
  1. Canada Visa consultants can save your time by getting your nomination in the shortest possible time. You will not have to spend too much time on your visa application. If you will not hire the services of consultants, it might take several attempts to get successful.
  1. The most significant aspect of the Express Entry Canada program is the job. Your Express Entry Canada consultants will conduct a thorough job search to increase your visa immigration chances.

   Bottom Line

 If you fulfil the above criteria for Express Entry Canada program, hire services of some best Canada visa consultants. There are some best Express Entry Canada consultants who can provide you with proficient visa Application and immigration services.  Start your search and apply for Express Entry Canada programs.

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