How to use Flight Privilege Cards to your Advantage

If you are a frequent flier and look forward to the best flying experience possible, then it will be wise of you to get any one of the flight...
Flight Privilege Cards

If you are a frequent flier and look forward to the best flying experience possible, then it will be wise of you to get any one of the flight privilege cards and use it to your best advantage. But, to do that, you first have to figure out which card suits your needs. Read on to find more.

Your travelling experience becomes much more hassle free with the help of flight privilege cards. From super easy reservations, access to world class lounges, quick tier upgrading, ticket booking in advance to other benefits – you get it all. More airline companies will offer you three to four types of privilege cards, and you get to choose any one depending on your needs and budget. Once you opt for a particular privilege card, you get tonnes of benefits.

Jetprivilege tiers, emirates tiers, and many other airlines give their customers tonnes of advantages once they subscribe to any of their flight privilege cards. Let us look at those benefits in detail.

Platinum Cards

Now, people with platinum cards by default have more privileges than, people with say, silver or any other coloured cards. Unusually with a platinum card, you have the advantage of being the first in line at the time of baggage collection. Other benefits such as selection of seats without having to pay any fee, bringing people with you to the lounge area, and secured seats even when the entire plane is booked, etc. apply here.

Gold Cards

After platinum comes the gold card. The thing about gold cards is that it is the intermediary between the silver card and the platinum card and although it has more facilities than the silver one, the Platinum card still gets an upper hand over it in some areas. From priority boarding, significant tier bonus, reservation privileges and lounge access with at least one guest, the privileges are more than enough for people who want to give the platinum card a miss and yet want some of the best concessions.

Silver and Other Cards

With silver and other coloured cards, you will get a few benefits like reserving seats at least one year in advance. However, significant benefits like reservation guarantees until 24 hours from leaving will not be available to you if you opt for this one. Go for the silver card only if you fly once or twice a year, otherwise select the higher cards because although they cost more, it will be a worthy investment for you.

Jetprivilege tiers and other airline companies give you plenty of privileges if you get their flight privilege cards. Carrying excess baggage without much inconvenience, simplification of other procedures like redemption, pre-reserving your preferred seat in the Economy class and other services come right at your disposal.

The best thing about having these cards is that even if you lose them by chance, you will get another one almost immediately, and this will not affect any of the benefits that you get due to these cards.

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