Traditional Drinks Around The World You Have to Try

Traditional Drinks
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When it comes to indian healthy recipe, every county has its own traditions. Like dishes, drinks also have different characteristics in various countries. Though you know the names of the countries, but you are probably not familiar with their national drinks. I rounded up the most popular traditional drinks around the would that you have to try.

Bourbon (USA)

The birthplace of Bourbon is Kentucky. In 1964, America declared this drink the “National Spirit of America”. Bourbon is made with corn and because it is aged in charred new oak barrels, it obtains distinct flavor.

Whisky (Scotland)

As opposed to bourbon which is made in the US from corn mash, Scotch whisky is made from barley mat in Scotland. There are around 105 single malt distilleries in the country. Scotch whisky is differentiated by the fact that it is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years.

Tequila (Mexico)

Tequila is the traditional drink in Mexico and it is made from the blue agave. It is produced by removing the heart of the plant, which can weight to 200 ponds when harvested. The core of the agave contains honey water or aguamiel which is used for tequila and syrup production.

Mojito (Cuba)

This refreshing cocktail comes from Cuba and it is one of the most popular rum-based highballs. It is made from rum, sparkling water, lime juice, sugar and mint. Around the mid 1800’s the Bacardi company boosted the popularity of the cocktail, and nowadays we can enjoy it from home.

Slivovitz (Serbia)

The national drink in Serbia is called Slivovitz. Plum is their national fruit and the their Slivovitz brandy is made from plums: dried plums, yellow plums, red plums, purple plums, etc. This type of drink is fermented on the stone with or without the pit. Some slivovitz are fermented with or without the plum skin. The type of container the drink is aged in (maple barrels, stainless steel or glass container, mullberry or oak) is also important.

Sangria (Spain)

This red wine punch recipe was originally created in Spain, but nowadays it is a popular, refreshing party drink around the globe. It is named after the Spanish word for blood – sangre. When white wine is used, the drink is called Sangria Blanco. It is typically made with cut fruits including berries, lemons, oranges and apples mixed with red or white wine. The fruits sweetens the wine and absorbs it as well. Brandy, honey, sugar or orange juice are often added as a sweetener.

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