Tips for Healthy Travel this Holiday

Keeping a healthy body while travelling might seem to be a daunting task. While we are on our vacation, we indulge ourselves in this luxurious experience that we already...
Healthy Travel

Keeping a healthy body while travelling might seem to be a daunting task. While we are on our vacation, we indulge ourselves in this luxurious experience that we already forget about our health. With no access to the gym equipment and the foods that we traditionally eat, it is fairly impossible for us to keep up with our daily routine. In addition, local restaurants and airports will not offer you healthy and fresh food options. This is why it is essential for you to prepare when you are travelling. In case you are travelling to Thailand, you may enroll on a Muay Thai training camp to learn the combat sport while admiring the beauty of the country.

Travel Tips for a Healthy Holiday Vacation in Thailand

Here are some ways on how you can prepare for your long holiday weekend especially if you are planning to travel to Thailand.

Take Your Sneakers

In case your vacation includes some sightseeing opportunities, take this chance to hike, walk or run. You can also check some online fitness video that does not require gym equipment. In case you are planning to go to Thailand to learn Muay Thai, there are sneakers that are specially designed for this combat sport that will not impede your movement.

Packing Nutritious Snacks

The food in the airplane normally contains a high amount of sodium, and it also includes a high dose of preservatives. Some nutritious snacks that you should pack include seed cracker preferably the gluten free, raw nuts, boiled eggs, brown rice and veggie sticks. In case you love chocolates, make sure that you are bringing chocolate with the highest concentration of cacao which is around 70%. Once you landed and reached the Muay Thai camp, you will no longer have to worry about food since they are normally offering you nutritious options. They are also near the local restaurants that offer healthier meals.

Take Your Supplements with You

Since you will be training Muay Thai for at least two hours per day, we recommend you to take a supplement that replenishes your energy such as Vitamin B complex. You may also want to fortify your immune system, so a supplement that contains zinc is necessary. In case you have poor digestion, look for a supplement that contains probiotics in order to maintain a healthy level of good bacteria in your stomach.

Research before Travelling

There are lots of information that you can search online or by going to the official website of the Muay Thai training camp such as Look for the nearby restaurants and see if they are offering nutritious food. There are also mobile apps that you can use to check the nearby restaurants. You may check the blog site of travel bloggers who specializes in travelling to Thailand.

You can also try to pack some herbal tea during your journey. The flight attendant will be happy to serve you with hot water. This is a healthier option compared to a dose of caffeine. Once you reach Thailand, there are healthy teas available that they are using as traditional medicine.

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