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There are many companies around the globe providing professional tender writing services. Tender writing services are provided to companies ranging from small enterprises to large corporations seeking assistance with the tender writing process. Tender writing services are highly valuable as they guide companies through the tender process and essentially write the tender response on behalf of the client. Winning a tender is always a competitive process and engaging professional assistance is one of the best ways you can maximise your chances of being successful. Tender writing services cover many areas. Some of these include sourcing bid opportunities on behalf of clients, many clients do not have the time or resources to go ahead and source opportunities so a tender writing service can do the background research and leg work on a company’s behalf. Tender writing services can also include tender reviews and evaluation. This means that the tender writing service can act for those companies who are on a limited budget or have already written the tender and would like to check they are on the right track before submitting. Tender writing services will then offer a professional review service facilitated by experienced evaluators.

Many tender writing services offer something called tender consultancy services. This translates to confidential advice regarding bid opportunities and the tender writing services can assist you in making the decision on whether you should be tendering for a contract or not.  Management plans and supporting documentation are typically required when responding to tender requests. Many tender writing services will develop supporting documents such as safety management plans or policies, environmental management plans or policies, quality management plans or policies or risk management plans or policies. These documents are written by professionals to assist clients in winning tenders while improving the overall safety, environment, quality and risk management policies.

Copywriting is also offered by many tender writing services. Some tender writing services offer copywriting for a range of projects ranging from written content for websites to marketing flyers and brochures. If a company is serious about achieving top search engine rankings, or want to market their business effectively, high quality written content is a must. A more niche area of tender writing services involves the pricing incorporated in tenders. This is a highly specialised area, however many tender writing services will include this as part of their process. Tender pricing services can be specifically tailored to meet a company’s short-term or long-term needs. Working together, a tender writing service can align a client’s pricing response more closely with the value they are offering and give them a greater confidence in their numbers.

Tender writing services are an invaluable resource for many companies, whether they be small or large. Most companies do not know where to begin when it comes to responding to tenders, whether to include or exclude certain information, how to format the tender and how to adhere to the rules and regulations surrounding the tender response. Tender writing services can take the stress out of writing tenders and is money well spent.

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