Samsung Galaxy S9 will come up with beautiful design

Samsung Galaxy S9
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Perhaps the most important result of all the effort of installing Infinity Display, a new body design Infinity Display of Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone led to the design change. Curved glass makes it possible to draw parallels with the Galaxy S7 edge, but the language of forms is still fundamentally different. Samsung will bring Galaxy S9 next year having an AMOLED display with metal base-an attracting feature.

On the front side of the S8 phone body, is present the eye-catching narrow frame above the display, and underneath it. In both cases, a width of 7 mm has achieved by it. Such a course has led to a change in the traditional physical Home buttons under the display. Galaxy S9 won’t have any physical home button on its display. Samsung will also introduce a fingerprint scanner in upcoming Galaxy S9.

Samsung has brought some little changes in the phone design of Galaxy S8. Of course, the camera is released, complete with two blocks on the right and the left. LED-flash and the heart rate sensor migrated from right to left to make room for the fingerprint scanner. In addition, Samsung logo is now moved slightly lower. For the rest, there is nothing remarkable. But behind it is possible to see what colors made the smartphone. Available options Midnight Black, Arctic Silver and Orchid Gray. So far, the market does not come out more aggressive red and blue colors. It was all about the Galaxy S8 but Samsung will introduce much more surprises in its new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

Although many things have been changed in Galaxy S8, still it has many things which remained the same.

Aluminum frame is almost unchanged. It still holds the full thickness of the shell at the top and bottom and right and left turns into a narrow strip. Of course, such a frame looks great, but the convenience of working with a smartphone, it has impacted negatively. Yet the scope of 3 mm thick contact surface is not that big – keep your smartphone is not very convenient. Furthermore, because of the glass backdrop, smartphone slips out of hands. Frame shape is well matched, it smoothly into the heel or the front panel. Galaxy S9 will also have several changes in its design but all of the design will be fully convenient for the user. If you don’t want to buy Galaxy S8, then you can go for Galaxy S9 which will definitely provide you all the accessories within your comfort zone whether it is typing or picture clarity.

Another characteristic feature Samsung has changed in Galaxy S8 body design is that it also got rid of the corners and is rounded off all that is possible. As a result, Galaxy S8 looks very harmonious. The body design of Galaxy S9 will adopt such kind of changes but very carefully as in S8 body design, people have faced a little bit of discomfort.

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