Laser Treatment For Fungal Infections Of Toe Nails

There are many people that suffer from fungal infections of the toenail. The causes for this infection is diverse and once it strikes you are in for a painful...
Fungal Infections

There are many people that suffer from fungal infections of the toenail. The causes for this infection is diverse and once it strikes you are in for a painful ordeal. However, there is cure for you and credible doctors who are trained to address the issue safely without side effects.

Dr. Steve Silvers is from California in the USA and he has over 25 years of credible experience when it comes to sports medicine and surgeries that pertain to the foot. He completed his graduation from UCLA and got his degree in medicine from The California College of Podiatric Medicine. Today, he is one of the best surgeons when it comes to the treatment of fungal infections of the foot in the USA. He has also added non-surgical methods for treatment of these fungal infections. One of the notable treatment methods he uses is The Pinpointe Laser. This laser treatment has received clearance from The FDA for the effective treatment of toe fungal infection.

The Pinpointe Laser Treatment- How does it work

Here, the wavelength of the laser treatment passes through the toe-nail and the skin. It meets the components of the infection and interacts with its cells. These cells absorb the energy of the laser which is converted into heat. This heat destroys the fungal cells.

The treatment is effective and patients report a 60% success rate. This means that the plate of the nail clears and is open to healing. The subsequent stage involves the use of oral medicines that need to be taken for over a period of time. The laser treatment is very successful and it removes most of the side effects of medicines that were in the past recommended to such patients that suffered from toenail infections.

How many treatment sessions does the patient need?

When it comes to these laser treatment sessions, the number of sittings that patients need depend on the nature and the severity of the problem. The treatment also needs checkups and so patients might be advised to follow up with their doctors after some months. When it comes to the treatment, no local anesthetic is required. There is hardly discomfort in the whole procedure. If any is present, it only lasts for some time.

Now, the question is will the fungal infection come back? There are chances that the infection will strike again if proper preventive measures are not taken. Doctors will advise their patients when it comes to the prevention of these infections. You should listen to them carefully and ensure you take the medicines and the preventive measures recommended.

Dr. Steve Silvers says that the FDA has approved treatments for fungus that affects the nail however insurance policies will only consider laser treatments for any condition of the skin only for cosmetic surgery. This means the above treatment does not fall within the preview of insurance and you will not be reimbursed for the treatment. However, you do have the option of paying for this treatment with the aid of Flexible Spending Accounts or HSA funds he says.


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