Jaipur, the Royal Pink City

Jaipur is the city famous for its history, colors, food, and for royalty that ruled it. This city is an ideal location to get a glimpse of the royalty...

Jaipur is the city famous for its history, colors, food, and for royalty that ruled it. This city is an ideal location to get a glimpse of the royalty that is in the blood of Rajasthan. The city filled with so many heritages that till date reflect their lavish and royal past but at the same time has moved ahead with time. Today one can see the blend in the past and the present in that city.

The city is also known as the pink city because of the color of the houses there. The city shall leave all the visitors to this place with awe and one will fall in love with the royalty and for a few minutes can even relive it. One can get a car rental in Jaipur and experience the royalty of this place.

The city of Jaipur has a lot to offer however, there is one more city in close proximity to this pink city that one has to visit – Ajmer.


At a very close proximity to Jaipur at 134.7kms, one can visit this small city present in Rajasthan which is packed with culture, tradition and diversity. This heritage city was founded in the 7th century during the time of the Chauhan Dynasty. And today, this city is known for its religious aspects and also for education.

This is a city that has its deep roots in the history. The city was ruled by many and as a mark one can see several monuments and heritages that have been left by them. One can also find a unique blend of Hinduism and Islam in this city. One can hire a Jaipur to Ajmer cabs and visit this place.

Dargah Sharif: This is one of the world famous Dargah which has been dedicated to KhwajaMoinuddinChishti. The complex has several monuments inside its premises. Along with the magnificent architecture, one can also enjoy the very soulful qawwalis inside the premises of this Dargah.

Nareli Jain Temple: This is one of the most beautiful marble temples present in this city. It is truly a delight for all the architecture lovers with appealing and beautiful designs. This temple is like paradise for everyone who would like to devote themselves to the supreme power in the quiet and calm atmosphere of this place.

Taragarh Fort: This fort gives an entire view of the city of Ajmer and requires 1.5 hours of climb. This fort is an ideal destination for adventure lovers as well as the people who are interested in history. The fort also houses the MiranSahebkaDargah after he sacrificed his life in an attempt to protect this fort.

Akbar’s Palace and Museum: This palace was constructed in the year of 1500AD and is a place that was designated for him as well as his troops. It is an ideal place for all the history lovers wherein, one can observe the military weapons, sculptures, etc.

Soniji Ki Nasiyan: This is a popular temple in Ajmer. It is also called the Red Temple and is one of the first Jain Tirthankara. This is a Jain temple and has wonderful architecture that one can enjoy. One can book taxi in Jaipur and reach this beautiful Jain temple.

A major attraction of this place is the main chamber of this temple, which is known as the SwarnaNagari. This City of Gold has beautiful gold plated wooden figures which depict the many figures of the Jain religion.

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