Here Is How to Take Good Care of Your Dog

So, you love your dog, and there is no reason why you should do anything that could make you part ways with it. Of course, you want a long,...
How to Take Good Care of Your Dog
How to Take Good Care of Your Dog

So, you love your dog, and there is no reason why you should do anything that could make you part ways with it. Of course, you want a long, happy and healthy life for your dog. But is it that easy to achieve? Actually not! There are many dogs that do not need a lot of care, but there are some breeds that require constant attention, in the absence of which they end up exposing themselves to deadly physical and mental diseases. In certain cases, these diseases might lead to the death of the dog. If you do not want such a thing to happen, then it’s advisable that you take good care of your dog. Wondering what to do to keep your dog in good health? Well, do these following things for sure-shot success-

  1. If you thought water is only important for human beings, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Water is as much important to animals as it is for human beings. It is the basis of life for almost all creatures. And that is why you should see to it that your dog gets a good supply of water for the purpose of drinking. All the stray dogs have the ability to stay fit despite the fact that they drink water from dirty places such as puddles; such is not the case with your pet. After all, it is used to living in a clean environment. So, drinking water from dirty sources will make your dog sick. And that is why you should make clean potable water available to your dog every time it needs water to drink. Also, make sure your dog remains hydrated throughout the day, especially during summers.
  2. Just as human beings need a balanced diet to remain healthy, so do dogs. With a healthy diet, your dog will be able to live a long disease-free life. Although you might go for any kind of feeding method that you deem suitable for your dog, it’s important that you arrange for only nutritious food for all of its meals.

There are certain superfoods for your dog- food items that are ideal for keeping your dog perfectly fit and healthy. If possible, include such foods in your dog’s diet. Some of the superfoods that owners love to give their dogs include mackerel, eggs, goat or sheep yoghurt, spinach and Kale, carrots, blueberries, sweet potatoes, blackberries, apple, raspberry, broccoli, turkey and chicken, etc.

And then there are those foods that your dog should never eat. These are dangerous for your dog’s health. Some of these foods include leeks, onions, cooked bones, seeds and fruit pips, alcohol, madadamia nuts, caffeine, raisins, grapes and chocolate.

  1. We always talk about hour glass figure in case of women. But did you know even dogs must have an hour glass figure? Yes, that’s right! To check whether or not your dog has an hourglass figure, just look at it from directly above and you will know if there is any excess fat in your dog’s body. If you hold your dog from the sides and you can’t feel the ribs, it has probably put on extra weight.
  2. If you find out that your dog is overweight, then go to your vet immediately. This is to make sure there is no medical reason behind your dog’s plump body.

If you dog is only a little heavier than its ideal weight, then you will probably be able to bring it back to a healthy weight by preventing it from eating high calorie snacks or cutting down on the portions of its meals. If your dog needs to lose around 10% of its weight, then you can probably go for a dog food that has been created to make dogs lose weight.

  1. A lot of problems starting from obesity to general laziness can be avoided by making your dog engage in daily exercise. For some fun, you can take your dog on a walk. Swimming and jogging are also two amazing ways to make your dog shed those extra pounds. If you are open to spending some money, then you can enrol your dog for Frisbee or agility classes. These days, there are dog dancing classes too. If your dog has just started exercising, then it’s advisable that you create a plan that is perfect for beginners. Whether your dog is new to exercise or not, the exercise regime it follows should be sensible. Small dogs receive a great deal of workout by playing chase games. If you see that your dog likes to laze around, then getting it to do some work would be the best bet. Command your dog to sit, lie down and then to sit again. This exercise is going to be a great sit up workout for your dog.
  2. Maintaining your dog’s oral health is also extremely important. For great oral hygiene, make sure your dog brushes its teeth regularly. Brushing on a daily basis could keep your dog away from problems like bad breath, infection, gum disease, tartar etc. There are specialised dog toothbrushes and toothpastes available in the market. Go for them if you want proper cleaning of your dog’s teeth. Make sure you don’t let your dog use the toothpaste you use. Toothpastes meant for brushing human teeth are not good for dogs as they could irritate the digestive tract, if swallowed by a dog.
  3. If you want to keep your dog happy and healthy for a long time, then take it to the vet regularly. Annual check-ups are a must. They help identify any new problem that your dog must be facing. These problems can be prevented before they aggravate. And then according to the need of the problem, treatment may be dispensed. You should also take your dog to the vet for routine vaccinations. Vaccination will keep your dog protected from many diseases.

With the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to keep your dog happy and healthy for a long time. And don’t be jealous of those extremely healthy-looking dogs in the dog images you see. With the tips above, even your own dog can be as healthy as a new-born puppy.

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