What to Do If Your Dog Is Scared of Thunderstorms

It’s incredibly common for pets to be scared during thunderstorms. The loud noises are unexpected and sound even louder to pets than they do to humans because of their...
dog is afraid of thunderstorms
dog is afraid of thunderstorms

It’s incredibly common for pets to be scared during thunderstorms. The loud noises are unexpected and sound even louder to pets than they do to humans because of their more advanced hearing. On top of that, you can’t explain what’s happening to your pet during a storm, but there are some things you can do to help them cope.

How do you know if your dog fears thunder?

Many signs will indicate that your dog fears thunderstorms, and many of them will show up even before the storm begins. Dogs often sense when a storm is coming but air pressure, lightning flashes, or the sound of rain on the roof. It will trigger anxiety in your dog, and they may begin whining, panting excessively, pacing, hiding, or having an accident in the house.

Here are a few ways you can help ease your dog’s anxiety during a storm.


CBD is a compound derived from hemp that can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety in pets as well as many other beneficial uses. CBD helps to calm your dog’s nerves, allowing them to cope in stressful situations such as thunderstorms. It’s entirely safe for use, and studies are discovering more benefits each day. You can find CBD dog treats at ceebeedoo.com that both taste delicious and will help reduce your dog’s anxiety.

Don’t punish them

The fact that your dog is anxious during a storm is not something to be punished. Avoid raising your voice at them or telling them to go away, sit down, be quiet, etc. during what is likely a stressful moment for them. Punishing your dog will only heighten their anxiety, and going forward, they will learn to associate thunderstorms with getting in trouble. Instead, be there for support and be patient with them as you wait out the storm together.

Remain calm

Dogs can pick up on vibes, and by you and your family remain calm during a storm, you can help your dog to do so as well. Getting excited, running around, playing games, being loud, or getting stressed out will cause your dog to become even more anxious. Try to encourage everyone at home to relax, sit still, and just chill until the storm passes.

Provide a safe space for your dog

Your dog should have a space within your home that is entirely their own. Their area could be a crate or the corner of your bedroom or living space. Your dog needs a place where they feel safe that they can retreat to in moments of fear or anxiety. If they have a crate, put a dark blanket over the top of it so they can feel cozy and secure, but still leave it open, so they don’t feel trapped.


Desensitizing your dog to thunder will take time and a lot of patience on your part. While you can follow the procedures to help them cope, you need to address the root of the problem so they can overcome their fears. You can enlist the help of a behavior specialist who can advise you on the best course of action, which often includes playing thunder sounds more often around the home until they become familiar.

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